If you are a true wine lover, then the Republic of Moldova should be in your bucket list.

The basic occupation in Moldova is wine production giving Moldova the title of “country with open doors in the paradise of wine.”

Hidden 270 feet underground in Moldova is a maze of tunnels filled with wine bottles

The place is called Milestii Mici. It is the largest wine cellar in the world by number of bottles.

National Geographic Travel takes you to this underground cellar which is 34-miles or 55-kilometers long!

Visitors can even drive through the cellar’s avenues.

The shelves are estimated to hold more than 1.5 million bottles of wine. The place is kept at a constant temperature of 12-14 degree Celsius and relative humidity of 85-95 percent making it ideal to store and preserve the natural qualities of wines.

The tunnels were primarily excavated for mining purposes until the first bottle of wine was stored in 1968. It then became a storage of wines with new vintages added each year.

Who wants to go wine cellar driving?

Take a drive through the largest wine cellar in the entire world.

Posted by National Geographic Travel on Tuesday, February 5, 2019


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