Age does not define intelligence, passion does.

That’s how Born Realist sums up the brilliance of 9th grader Tanmay Bakshi.

The tech world became this boy’s childhood playground.

At age 5, Tanmay started programming.

“I never knew people coded as a job,” he says. “I thought it was just another toy to play with.”

At age 7, he set up a YouTube channel posting tutorials on coding and web development.

After a couple of years, Tanmay was able to build his first app for the Apple store.

At age 13, he discovered a bug in one of IBMs software. After posting his finding on a programming website, IBM technicians noticed it. They wasted no time in contacting Tanmay.

“He absorbs knowledge like a sponge,” said a chief technology officer (CTO) at IBM. “And he is highly driven to learn even more.”

Nowadays, you’ll find this young man speaking at IBM conferences and even TEDtalks.

At age 14, he is already an Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert. And he became one by learning everything by himself!

Youngest AI Expert

Age doesn't define Intelligence, your Passion does <3

Posted by Born Realist on Wednesday, 3 October 2018



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