How would you like to use shoes, boots, belts and bags made from tilapia skin?

A fashion company based in León, Guanajuato, Mexico is now leading the way in crafting fashion items from the skin of this freshwater fish, which is being touted as a cow leather alternative.

“Fish skin is stronger than cow hide because it’s thick,” the company’s designer tells In The Know Innovation. “

Its advantages are its aesthetics and that it is attractive, that is what highlights.”

Aside from tilapia, the company also uses skin from other freshwater fish species such as Crappie and Mojarra.

Fish skin is first subjected to a multi-step treatment process before it is transformed into leather products ready for sale.

Tilapia is abundant in the Philippines. Maybe it’s time we take this fish away from the dinner plate and give it a break at the fashion scene.

Company turns fish skin into sleek leather products

This company turns fish skin into sleek leather products 🐟

Posted by In The Know Innovation on Saturday, June 9, 2018



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