You’ve seen ombré hair. Now comes ombré eyelashes.

In The Know Creative says it’s the latest trend in eyelash extensions.

Ombré eyelashes look like normal eyelash extensions but with a dash of color at the tips.

It’s not that noticeable since lashes are lightly kissed with color. But you save time applying eye makeup because it has that eye shadow effect on your lids.

This eyelash extension is customizable so it can be as light or as colorful as you would like.

Like the standard eyelash extension, the ombré will last as long as three to five weeks.

In the U.S. it costs between $99 and $175 or about P5,300 to P9,300. But it would most probably be cheaper here in the Philippines.

Ombré eyelashes are the new colorful take on eyelash extensions

This hot new beauty trend is a subtle way to add some color to your lashes 🌈

Posted by In The Know Creative on Tuesday, 29 May 2018



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