Who said vegans can’t be bodybuilders ?

Meat has often been thought of as a top source of protein and high protein diets are often associated with bodybuilding. As such, it was always the belief that a meat heavy diet is the only way to build-up muscles.

In The Know: Foodie proves that it is possible to have sculpted bodies and defined muscles even if you stay away from eating meat and dairy products.

These vegan bodybuilders are proof that you can get your protein elsewhere.

According to them, vegan choices can offer just as much protein as meat without much of the fat. In fact, there are countless forms of meatless protein from vegetables like broccoli and kale. Protein is also present in grains such as quinoa and meat alternatives such as tofu and seitan. All these protein are effective fuels of the body.

So do you still think there are no vegan bodybuilders?

Vegan bodybuilders prove you don't have to eat meat to get swole

These bodybuilders share their secrets to thriving on a vegan diet 💪

Posted by In The Know: Foodie on Thursday, 17 May 2018



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