Birthdays can get bit boring with just a regular cake. Wouldn’t it be more exciting if you could have a giant donut tower instead?

Los Angeles Insider takes you to Santa Monica, California where Texas-sized doughnuts are made. DK’s Donuts and Bakery can make a three-tiered donut cake of your favorite flavor.

“You know, people like to eat doughnuts in really large groups of people. So they want to share it,” says Mayly Tao, the Doughnut Princess. “And I always loved making doughnuts into a different kind of experience which is a giant doughnut.”

To get one, you just pick the size you want, choose your frosting and then your toppings.

“We have Fruity Pebbles, we have red velvet, we have ube, we have green tea, we have sprinkles, anything you could ever dream of,” adds the Doughnut Princess.

A giant donut tower is equivalent to 36 regular donuts so it’s perfect for sharing.

But if you prefer the regular size, you have 120 kinds of donuts to choose from. They also have a variety of donut holes.

What makes it more enticing is that the bakeshop is open 24/7. You can have donut any time of the day or night!



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