Every Sunday is a feast of roast in Blacklock, Soho, London

They serve a mountain of meat!

“Sunday roast is a great British tradition. It’s a large meal eaten on a Sunday by us Brits,” Gordon Ker, owner of Blacklock tells Food Insider.

“Traditionally it involves roasted meats. But mostly it’s an opportunity for families to get together up and down the country. A big family meal on a Sunday afternoon all together around one big table,” Ker added.

So what makes their Sunday roast unique?

“Our Sunday roast is generous,” Gordon explains. “But generally Sunday roast is quite a decadent feast.”

It starts with whole loins of beef, pork, and lamb over a large charcoal grill. For the classic British favorite, they add Yorkshire pudding. Side dishes include roast potatoes in duck fat, roots, gremolata, and cauliflower cheese. Once assembled, the cracklings are placed as garnishing.

However, you can’t just rush to the restaurant for this meat mountain.

Each Sunday, only 300 guests have the chance to try the feast. Reservations have to be booked three months in advance.

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