Ride the world’s steepest cogwheel railway.

You’ll find it in Switzerland when you visit Mount Pilatus.

According to National Geographic Travel, Mt. Pilatus been a destination for outdoor recreation since the 16th century. But the summit only became accessible for casual visitors in 1889 when the Pilatus-Bahn or Railway started operation.

The trip up the mountain is just less than three miles. But what makes it noteworthy then as now, is the railway’s steep climb. The maximum grade is at 25.6 degrees or 48 percent meaning it gains 48 feet in elevation for every 100 feet due forward, disregarding incline.

Engineer Eduard Locher designed a horizontal system for the Pilatus Railway. He made cogwheels operate as gears, and push against toothlike tracks instead of the friction that suffices on a flat railroad.

The Pilatus-Bahn was first powered by steam. It has been running on electricity since 1937.

If you go to Switzerland, a ride on this railway should be part of your adventure!

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Posted by National Geographic Travel on Wednesday, 13 June 2018



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