What is the smallest country in the world?

The answer may just be one country but it will be interesting to know the other countries similarly situated in terms of land area.

Unknown Facts has this list of the world’s 10 smallest countries. They may be undersized in terms of land area but they can be worth the trip if you have the time and the cash.

1. Vatican City

Land Area: 0.44 square kilometers

It is the smallest country in the world. It also has the smallest population in the world with only 1,000 residents.

2. Monaco

Land area: 2.02 square kilometers

Monaco is also the world’s most densely populated sovereign state with only 38,400 residents.

It may be the second smallest country in the world but this place is known for its high-end lifestyle. Monaco is known for its upscale casinos, its yacht-lined harbor and the annual Grand Prix car race.

3. Nauru

Land Area: 21 square kilometers

It was previously known as Pleasant Island. This tiny country in Oceania boasts of coral reefs and white sand beaches. You will also find limestone caves here. Command Ridge, the island’s highest point, has a Japanese outpost used during World War II.

4. Tuvalu

Land Area: 26 square kilometers

Formerly known as the Ellice Islands, this nation is made up of nine islands. This small country in Oceania has the perfect areas for diving and snorkeling.

5. San Marino

Land Area: 61 square kilometers

This country is the one of world’s oldest republics. San Marino is a mountainous microstate surrounded by Italy. A trip to this country will give you historic architecture with medieval walled old towns and cobblestone streets.

6. Liechtenstein

Land Area: 160 square kilometers

This country is 25 kilometers away from Austria and Switzerland. But even if you only have a short travel to reach it, the views are worth it. Liechtenstein is known for its medieval castles, alpine landscapes and villages linked by a network of trails.

7. Marshall Islands

Land Area: 181.43 square kilometers

You can find this country between the Philippines and Hawaii. The Marshall Islands are known for a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls. One of them, Bikini Atoll, is a popular wreck dive site where one can find sunken warships.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Land Area: 261 square kilometers

This country has one of the longest written histories in the Caribbean. The islands have been served as colonies for both Spain and England. They were forcibly united in the late 19th century.

The dual-island nation is known for cloud-shrouded mountains and beaches. You can find the dormant Mount Liamuiga volcano with a crater lake and home to green Vervet monkeys.

9. Maldives

Land Area: 298 square kilometers

It is the smallest country in Asia. But its small size attracts tourists because of its beaches, blue lagoons and extensive reefs.

10. Malta

Land Area: 316 square kilometers

It’s an archipelagic country in Europe known for historic sites. The sites are historically linked to a succession of rulers including the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, the French and the British.

Top 10 Smallest Countries in The World In Terms Of Area

Top 10 Smallest Countries in The World In Terms Of Area

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