Fish is guaranteed 100 percent fresh in this restaurant. Why wouldn’t it be if you get to catch it yourself?

In The Know: Foodie takes you to Zauo in Japan, where diners are given a unique dining experience.

Diners in Zauo are given the option of catching fresh fish themselves from the restaurant’s large tank using a rod and reel.

They then choose how their catch should be prepared – grilled, fried or served as sushi. The only condiments used in this restaurant are salt and lemon to highlight the natural flavor of the fish.

Customers are advised to be patient when visiting the restaurant as it may take some 30 minutes before a fish gets caught.

If you do happen to catch one, you will get cheers from the restaurant’s staff and will even get a discount for your meal.

But if you run out of patience, you can always select prepared dishes from the menu.



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