The Culture of Cleaning

July 25, 2017 Angela Manalastas 0

  In Japan, dropping trash in the street is a social taboo. In many ways, big and small, the Japanese keep their cities clean. Neighborhood clean-ups Communities regularly come together to sweep streets, clean drains [Read more]

Health and Fitness

Do You Have a Black Dog?

April 19, 2017 Angela Manalastas 0

  We all have pets, even though they are just on our minds. These are called imaginary pets, and for some they are imaginary friends, but for many they are real and fearsome and harmful. [Read more]


Fund a Dog, Save a Life

April 2, 2017 Angela Manalastas 0

An earthquake rumbles and buildings collapse, a mudslide thunders down a mountain onto a village, a typhoon wreaks destruction as it roars across the islands reducing buildings to rubble. Almost before the dust settles, Philippines [Read more]