Whether it’s because of all the hearts on posters plastered everywhere, cheesy pick-up lines circulating on the internet, or the abundance of couples holding hands, it is just undeniable that love is in the air. With Valentine’s Day landing in the middle of the week, most of us are already tired from work, from school, or just from commuting in today’s heavy everyday traffic. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and relax at the same time, then, than to cuddle and watch a romantic movie together?

Still looking for movies to watch on your valentine’s movie date? Here’s our list of the 10 must-watch romantic Movies this Valentine’s Day:


10 Love Actually

You know the typical movie that’s about stories of different and somewhat random couples where in the end, all the stories would somehow intertwine? Well, Love Actually is the flick that started this trend in romantic movies. What’s true for most movie trends is also true in this one. Nothing can beat the original. Love Actually will make you laugh, cry, and believe in love as it tackles multiple types of love that a person can give or receive.


9 50 First Dates

A feel-good film that will definitely make you and your significant other go “awwww”, 50 First Dates is about a man who meets the girl of his dreams and decides to pursue her. He then discovers that the girl of his dreams is suffering from extreme short-term memory loss. The combination of this unique concept plus the unrivaled chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore is what drives the film to become the cute, fun, and romantic film that it is.


8 Love You to the Stars and Back

Love You to the Stars and Back is a romantic flick that features the story of Mika, an eccentric young girl, and Caloy, a young boy diagnosed with cancer, both of whom embark on a road trip that helps them learn lessons about love and life. The story and the great chemistry between the lead actors combine for a compelling tale of blossoming romance that is sure to make you and your date experience “kilig”.


7 The Before Trilogy (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight)

I know. I know. I can’t possibly give one spot to three movies, right? But the thing is, you can’t just separate the three from each other. Although each movie can shine by itself, the collection of these movies is at its best as a trilogy. The Before trilogy captures the different phases of the relationship of two people in great detail. With each movie set years apart from the others, the trilogy creates three distinct love stories with the same set of characters. The Before Trilogy will make you and beloved swoon over the romance in each of the movies.


6 The Big Sick

The Big Sick is a movie based on the true love story of the lead actor himself, Kumail Nanjiani, and the writee, Emily Gordon. It tackles the story of the two when they were still at the ‘falling in love’ phase where a clash of their different cultures takes place. The movie has the right amount of comedy, drama, and romance to make you and your significant other experience a roller coaster of emotions.


5 Kimi No Nawa (Your Name)

Kimi No Nawa is a story about two individuals who have this mysterious link together. It shows the struggle of the two as they try to find out the secrets to this connection as they also develop an unexplainable bond towards each other. The film’s unique storyline and the artistic drawings of the characters and the sceneries combine to produce a very hearty masterpiece. Kimi No Nawa isn’t just your ordinary movie, it is a work of art. If you haven’t watched this yet, do so A.S.A.P.


4 Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety not Guaranteed is a movie that tackles the story of an intern in a magazine company who is assigned to investigate a weird advertisement in the classified ads of a newspaper. At first, the flick does not give off a romantic vibe as it tries to trick viewers into thinking that it is not a romantic movie. As vague as the description sounds, discussing further would spoil the movie for you and your loved one. So, if you and your “bae” want to watch a romantic movie that is unique, try watching Safety Not Guaranteed.


3 Call Me by Your Name

Based on a novel of the same name, Call Me by Your name is a tale of the classic first love. It tells the story of the seventeen-year-old Elio and Oliver, a graduate student invited to help Elio’s father with his work. The two share a clandestine relationship as both discover the beauty of love and romance. The film mixes the coming of age genre with the romance genre to produce a deeply moving story of love.


2 Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe is a story of a man in the midst of a divorce who is urged by his daughter to tell the story of his and his wife’s love story. He then proceeds to tell his love stories with three different girls without revealing to his daughter who his wife is among the three. The flick is a classic romantic comedy movie that will have you giggle and laugh at one scene and then bawl the next. The flow of the movie is what makes watching this flick a one-of-a-kind experience. Expect to shed tears from laughing and tears of sadness if you decide to watch this flick.


1 Jerry Maguire

A film that successfully combines multiple genres, Jerry Maguire is a movie that will make you experience a full spectrum of emotions. It mixes comedy, sports, drama, and romance without one genre overpowering the others. It tells of a tale of Jerry Maguire (played by Tom Cruise), a successful sports agent who tries to overcome the hurdles that life presents to him. Yes, this movie isn’t solely focused on romance. Why is this on a list of romantic movies, you ask? The chemistry between Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger is so strong that viewers will surely be attached to the relationship of their characters. Their romance, albeit not the sole focus of the whole movie, captures aspects of relationships that not all romantic movies tackle very well. The dysfunctionality of their dynamics is a large part of the realism that their romance emanates. With all that said, Jerry Maguire is still a solid pick for your valentine’s movie date despite the story not being driven solely by romance.


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