Lipsticks are the new game changers – it can make a difference, a statement, and a personality boost.

Women do not color their lips to impress, but to express. Expressing emotions, mood, and character can be done by wearing lipsticks in different colors, shades, or volume.

The lipstick craze began when trending make-up artists posted make-up video tutorials online and Hollywood stars launched their own cosmetic lines. Of course, social media heightened the lipstick curiosity of the public.

A good lipstick is considered as one of the most important investments of a woman. It can save you from an emergency night out with friends, instant date with your special someone, or just from your bad hair day. Conceal your dull and stressed look by adding extra life on your lips – nude/peachy brown for your everyday school/office look, pink for a movie night out with your boyfriend, red/maroon for your bar hopping Friday nights, or just any shade that suits your mood and makes you feel dazzling!

As a lipstick collector myself, I always see to it to buy quality products that suit my budget. I read feedbacks and watch videos online before buying a certain product. During my free time, I constantly visit a Facebook make-up page with more than 80,000 members to check out the latest make-up trend, price, and product reviews and recommendations. From the Facebook threads and endless comment sections, I came across three lipstick brands that cost below P250 which are highly recommended by the users and tried it personally to satisfy my curiosity. I must say, these liquid matte lippies are worth the try – great quality, non-drying, and long lasting!

Here are the three quality matte lipsticks that will not hurt your pockets.


1 San San Creamy Matte Lip Stain

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A high-quality liquid lipstick for only P180! This lippy comes with around 10 different chic shades. This lipstick lasts for several hours, its longevity power is very ideal for those who do not have the time to retouch from time to time due to busy work schedules or for those who attend special occasions that lasts for hours.

• Long-lasting quality – 4.5/5
• Non-drying formula – 5/5
• Water-proof – 4/5
• Smudge-proof and oil-proof – 3.8/5
• Overall – 4.33

Tip: If you want it to be more pigmented, apply at least two coats of the lip stain.

I highly recommend this incredibly budget-friendly San San product! You would achieve a complete classy look without the unnecessary expenses.


2 Ever Bilena EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick

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This is another surprisingly cheap lipstick with an excellent quality for your everyday stylish look. Like San San’s creamy matte lip stain, this LTD liquid lipstick is priced at only P180. What is great with this lipstick is its velvety property. Its lightweight quality is also a big bonus!

• Long-lasting quality – 4.5/5
• Non-drying formula – 4/5
• Water-proof – 4/5
• Smudge-proof and oil-proof – 4/5
• Overall – 4.13

Tip: Before drinking or eating anything, make sure to let the liquid lipstick settle on your lips first for at least 10 minutes. Also, apply a thin coating to avoid cracking.

For those who are looking for very affordable lipstick dupes with color-lasting power, this is a must try for you!


3 Detail Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks

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For just P225, you will be able to grab one of Detail’s bestsellers. With nine different shades to choose from, you will be able to match it with your elegant outfit without spending too much money.

• Long-lasting quality – 4.5/5
• Non-drying formula – 4.5/5
• Water-proof – 4.5/5
• Smudge-proof and oil-proof – 4.5/5
• Overall – 4.5

Tip: This lipstick is already pigmented, so one layer is enough.

Why buy several pieces of lipsticks worth a thousand each when you can have these high-grade lippies below P250?

Grab a lipstick now and wear it with a confidently beautiful smile.


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