Some 100 families belonging to the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) are beneficiaries of housing units provided by the government through the effort of North Cotabato Governor Nancy Catamco and the National Housing Authority (NHA).

Catamco said the beneficiaries of the housing project are members of the T’boli and Blaan tribes in Barangay Bacung, Tulunan, North Cotabato whose homes were damaged by a series of earthquakes last year.

The lady governor lauded the cooperation of Tulunan Mayor Reuel Limbungan, Vice Mayor Maureen Villamor, and members of the town council and village officials for the realization of the project.

“Leadership is not about competition. We need to help each other, support each other and be an inspiration to others so we can reach our common goals, here the housing for our IPs,” Catamco, a member of the Manobo tribe in North Cotabato, said in her speech in the village.

Gaudencio Ogit Jr, president of the IPs in Barangay Bacung and one of the housing beneficiaries, said they appreciated the efforts of the governor, the town officials, and the NHA for giving them “decent homes” for their families.

“Leadership is not about competition.”

“I could hardly find words to describe how happy we are, now we can say that the government also cares for us people in the mountain,” Ogit said.

Bacung Barangay Chairman Victor Acac said he was hoping more housing units will rise in the village as there are still IPs whose houses were damaged.

Farm to market roads will be constructed so IP farmers can bring their agricultural produce quickly to the town market.

Meanwhile, Catamco said she will facilitate the construction of farm to market roads from the village so IP farmers can bring their agricultural produce quickly to the town market.

She also distributed to the IP farmers planting materials and fertilizers under the IP Special Program of her administration.

Catamco vowed to increase the frequency of visits and bring the provincial government services to the village. 

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