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As we get closer to Christmas week, many of us will look to spend some quality time with our families. It’s that time of the year when, for a moment, we close our laptops and put down our wearies to focus on creating memories with the people we value. Though fleeting, the Christmas season is the best time to reconnect and bridge some gaps that the pandemic has brought upon us.

But if we spend that much downtime with friends and family, what can we do? Given that the pandemic hasn’t ended yet, we still shouldn’t let our guards down. That said, probably one of the safest things we could do is watch movies. New and all-time classics alike can help greatly set the mood for some quality time. 

So, if you ever run out of ideas to do with your family, we are giving you 3 of the best flicks to watch this Christmas.

Angela’s Christmas (2018)

If there is one thing about Christmas, children best tell it. The Emmy award-nominated Netflix original short film is one of those movies that could make you feel warmth and purity. A sequel followed the movie in 2020 titled Angela’s Christmas Wish, still based on Pulitzer-prize-winning author Frank McCourt’s story of the same name. The two shorts will not fall short in making anyone feel peace and connectedness. 

Last Holiday (2006)

Whenever Queen Latifah headlines a movie, it will surely be a great hit. That is true in the case of Last Holiday. The film will poke your imaginations and make you think about all the possibilities in life—a great theme to watch in the season of giving. The movie does not only exude that Christmas vibe, but it also instils some great lessons that we can carry forward for years to come. It teaches us the importance of having something to look forward to, and when things go awry, there isn’t anything left for us to do but stay positive because good things do come. 

Klaus (2019)

Arguably one of the best movies there is about Christmas. Klaus mixes the typical concoction for a Christmas movie. It is light, funny, energetic, but with a heart. But what you could really appreciate in this movie is its well-executed story‚—leading us to how some Christmas traditions came to be. One of the many lessons Klaus teaches is how kindness goes a long way.

Of course, there is a long list of Christmas movies to watch out there. But these three, we think, are all timely and relevant to our current situation. These movies will surely teach us lessons we can apply now and as long as possible. From Angela’s Christmas teaching us about the gentleness of children, Last Holiday’s trick that when one thinks about the many possibilities around us, we attract positivity, up to Klaus’ lessons about simple acts of kindness, building bridges, and how being true to yourself can spell the difference.


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