31 personnel of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) have completed their 14-day quarantine as part of the precautionary measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

 The 31 MMDA personnel went into quarantine on April 18 after being exposed to a person who showed symptoms of COVID-19. Placed under quarantine were personnel from the MMDA Metrobase, Flood Control Information Center (FCIC), and from the security department, which holds office at the Metrobase building.

For 14 days, the personnel stayed inside the Metrobase building which became their quarantine area.

A rapid diagnostic test conducted on them after the quarantine period showed that they are tested negative for COVID-19.

“We are happy that our workers have completed the 14-day quarantine and have tested negative for COVID-19.”

MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim said the health and well-being of its personnel are the agency’s top priorities.

“We are happy that our workers have completed the 14-day quarantine and have tested negative for COVID-19, none has shown any symptoms of being infected,” said Lim.

The 31 personnel were sent home on Saturday morning.

Joshua Salazar, Metrobase Operations Commander who went into quarantine, said all their needs, such as food, medicines, clothing, face masks, gloves, and other medical needs were provided by the MMDA management.

“We are thankful to Chairman Lim, GM Garcia and the management for providing all our needs. While on quarantine, MMDA officials thru Chief of Staff, OGM, Mr. Michael Salalima, stayed connected with us, checking up on us daily via teleconference,” said Salazar.

Moreover, the MMDA Medical Team regularly monitored their body temperature and conducted follow-up checkups.

“The medical team kept reminding us about the guidelines to prevent COVID-19. We wore face mask even inside the Metrobase, physical distancing was also strictly observed while we were eating and sleeping. We followed their advice to ensure that we do not infect others if we have the virus,” he said.

While on isolation period, the personnel, considered as frontliners, also continued their regular duties to ensure that services at the Metrobase continue unhampered.

Metrobase personnel are assigned to monitor traffic and other road activities on closed circuit television cameras and provide technical assistance while FCIC members monitor and provide crucial flood control information.

As the personnel were sent home, disinfection procedures and proper sanitation were immediately done inside the Metrobase.

“We were deeply touched and overwhelmed by the concern of the MMDA leadership.”

“We were deeply touched and overwhelmed by the concern of the MMDA leadership to ensure our safety and welfare,” added Salazar.

The affected Metrobase personnel also took the opportunity to remind the public about the importance of staying home and self-quarantine to avoid the possible transmission of the virus.

“Let us take the protocols of the government seriously. Let us show our appreciation to our frontliners by staying home so that our families and communities are safe from the disease,” he concluded.


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