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A total of 43 out-of-school youths (OSY) completed a months-long entrepreneurial training from the Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) Quezon City at the culmination of its “Kabataang NEGOSYANTE” project last June 30, 2023. 

The project was accomplished through a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) grant under its Opportunity 2.0 program, which was designed to provide second-chance education for Filipino OSY in at least 15 cities across the country. 

“The collective journey continues, and we should not doubt that together, we will make a lasting and positive impact on the world.”

NEGOSYANTE stands for ‘Navigating, Engaging, and Gearing Out-of-School Youths As New Technology Entrepreneurs.’ Its objective was to teach underprivileged children how to use available technologies that can help them earn possible livelihood opportunities. 

Under the mentorship of T.I.P. faculty members, participants were provided with technical skills, business training, and values formation to help them set up their own online businesses through social media and other internet-based applications. 

Dr. David Hall, Chief of Party for the USAID Opportunity 2.0 program and the Education Development Center (EDC), commended T.I.P. for merging its commitment to entrepreneurship with its responsibility to the local community through the “Kabataang NEGOSYANTE” project. 

“What we’re trying to do is to strengthen systems to help out-of-school youth in the Philippines back into education and employment. And perhaps, most significantly with this grant, into self-employment,” Dr. Hall said in a video message played at the closing ceremony. 

The OSY learners belong to the communities of Barangays Batasan Hills, Commonwealth and Holy Spirit in Quezon City. The outreach program started in June 2022 and ran for about a year. It accommodated a total of 76 learners, 43 of whom were able to complete the training modules. 

All participants were honored with certificates and special awards. Cash prizes were also handed out for the top teams that presented best outputs. T.I.P. President Dr. Elizabeth Quirino-Lahoz also graced the concluding activity along with other school executives.

“The collective journey continues, and we should not doubt that together, we will make a lasting and positive impact on the world,” said Dr. Angeles de Guzman, Dean of T.I.P. Quezon City College of Business Education and project manager for “Kabataang NEGOSYANTE.” 

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