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YouTube is the mecca for everything and anything your mind could think of. That’s, at least, what people say. But mecca or not, it is undeniably a virtual space where masterpieces and great stories come alive. Think of it like a piece of clothing in a thrift shop waiting for you to find. There is an abundance of great finds for those willing to take the time to look around. From great music that you may never hear on mainstream platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, or even on the radio, to animated shorts that can truly capture your attention with their thought-provoking storylines.

Short animated films uploaded on YouTube are not that necessarily difficult to find. Algorithms will take you where it predicts you’ll head to. And if you are lucky, it will take you to a trove of short film animations that convey your current feelings. Despite international accolades and award-giving bodies recognizing these works of art, hundreds of short films are still waiting to be discovered and appreciated by the greater masses.

Should you find yourself signing up for the quest to discover great short animated films, here are five of the short films that could lead you to great recommendations:

P.S. These short films could send you to the YouTube black hole of emotions.


They say that a father’s love for his daughter is immeasurable. WiNDUP is an award-winning short film animation that exemplifies just that. The 9-minute film is about hope and healing, told through music and quiet. The contrast between the hospital room’s shades and the hues in Kiki’s dreamland outlines the darker side of illness. WiNDUP is dedicated to those fighting sickness and those supporting them to heal.


Perhaps one of our personal favorites, Let’s Eat is a multi-awarded short film that centers on familial bonds. It tells the harsh reality that as we grow older, we sometimes take the people who held us from the beginning for granted—a story that many of us can relate to. The film reminds us to cherish the people we hold dear and that if we forget, something will almost always remind us about them.


Inspired by true events, this Oscar-contending Brazilian short can be summed up in one word—empathy. In the words of Helena Hilario, one of the directors, “Everyone goes through situations that we can’t even imagine, so we must be kind to each other.” Umbrella, to this day, is one of Brazil’s most successful shorts animations.


THE BOX is another multi-awarded short animation that carries a powerful narrative about the Syrian civil war. The film shows the often unseen effects of war on children.


In a Heartbeat went viral in 2017, just hours after its YouTube premiere. This Oscar-shortlisted animated short bravely echoes the story of young LGBT people who are often subjected to judgments at a very young age, even for as simple as a grade school crush. In a Heartbeat became one of the most popular animated shorts in recent years.



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