Walled City Revival Wows 23K Visitors – TEO


Inspired by the Wow Philippines’ revival program, the Department of Tourism (DOT) opened the gates of Intramuros, attracting more than 23,000 visitors at the Walled City’s iconic landmarks as part of the World Tourism Week celebration.

“The impressive turnout of visitors during the Intramuros Open House shows how Senator Dick Gordon’s brainchild effectively worked in unravelling the government’s revitalization efforts on the country’s icons of history,” said DOT Secretary Wanda Teo.

The 23,274 international and domestic visitors were treated to admission free of charge to “rediscover” the enduring landmarks including Fort Santiago, Baluarte de San Diego and Casa Manila.

DOT’s attached agency, the Intramuros Administration (IA) and Viva Manila, treated guests to garden parties, open bazaars and other activities like a botanical photo/art walk in the morning; bike tours courtesy of Bambike Ecotours in the afternoon; and open-air concerts in the evening at the Baluarte de San Diego.

“This also highlights the wholesome and family-oriented entertainment we offer at our cultural sites,” Teo noted.

IA administrator Guiller Asido said the open houses will again be held this coming October 14-15, and November 18-19.

Aside from being one of the Open Platform satellite expositions leading up to the Manila Biennale in February 2018, the open house program is also part of the overall activities, leading up to the regional Fairs scheduled for March 2018.


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