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By:  Angel Chaele F. Ocat and Bea C. Pacheco

Throughout the years, the Geodetic Engineering Club continues to aspire and adhere to its objective to bring opportunities and educate students about the Geodetic Engineering profession. They conducted conferences, recreational activities, and summits where both undergraduate and professional Geodetic Engineers can associate with one another, to expand their knowledge and find opportunities for themselves. Even during the pandemic, the Geodetic Engineering Club demonstrated its adaptability by overcoming challenges and continuing its activities remotely. This commitment was evident as they opted to continue to hold their events online during the past two years when the world was facing the threat of the pandemic. However, in 2023 where the threat of the pandemic has significantly decreased and everyone has started to proceed to a new normal, the celebration of the 86th Anniversary of the UP Geodetic Engineering Club will commence face to face.

The UP Geodetic Engineering club was established on August 15, 1937, and every year, it celebrates a week-long Anniversary Celebration filled with various activities that actively promote proficiency and excellence in the field of Geodetic Engineering as well as enhancing camaraderie between undergraduate and professional Geodetic Engineers. This year, 2023, the Anniversary week of the UP GE Club with a theme, “Aeon Shift: GE Club Transcending Greater Heights,” will last from November 4 to 12, and as aforementioned, their organized activities will all be held face-to-face. 


The lineup of activities includes a sportsfest, an exhibit, an anniversary night, a thanksgiving mass, a talent’s night, and their two highlight events: the Outreach Program and Geoid Quiz X Earthistic. 

The sportfest and anniversary night are two events that aspire to enrich the camaraderie between the organization’s members and alumni. These events will serve as a platform to form and deepen the connection between them, broaden their knowledge, and discover new opportunities within the field. The week-long exhibit aims to showcase the advancements made in the field of geodetic engineering over the years. 

As part of its mission, the UP GE club hosts the Geoid Quiz, a quiz show where participants can showcase their wits and intellect, and Earthistic, an art contest that promotes  participated by high school students nationwide. It aims to raise awareness and promote the Geodetic Engineering profession by conducting an academic competition and a poster-making contest where students can showcase their different capabilities while gaining knowledge of what it means to be a Geodetic Engineer. The Outreach program is also a platform where the students can share their knowledge and introduce the Geodetic Engineering profession to its participants but it is primarily organized as a way of giving back to the community. The organization conducts volunteer work through community service and charitable institutions. In recognition of its efforts, the organization was awarded the National Kidney Transplant Institute’s Kabalikat Award for its outreach programs.

To learn more about the UP Geodetic Engineering Club and its plethora of events, you may visit their Facebook page, UP Geodetic Engineering Club, on X @UPGEClub, and on Instagram, @upgeclub.



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