Recognizing the need for an alternate mode of public transportation, Senator Dick Gordon has recently expressed support for the proposed measure allowing the use and regulation of motorcycles as an alternate mode of public transportation but stressed the need to safeguard the safety and protection of the public.

In co-sponsoring Senate Bill No. 1341 or “The Motorcyles-for-Hire Act,” Gordon pointed out that while the use of motorcycles as a mode of public transportation is like taking the knife by the blade because of the dangers they pose, it would give commuters a choice.

As such, the veteran legislator stressed the need to ensure safety and protection by regulating the use of motorcycles and setting safeguards.

“Dito ngayon humahawak tayo sa patalim dahil pwedeng mabangga. E anong gusto natin? Walang prangkisa pag nabangga, walang insurance. Mabuti nang may konting control tayo kaysa wala. And at the same time, may choice ang tao,” the seasoned lawmaker said.

“We should start regulating and we should closely monitor.”

“This is very democratic, people have a right to choose. We should start regulating and we should closely monitor kung ilan ang naaksidente, kung ilan ang tumatapon. And when we apply this, lahat dapat naka-helmet at kung kinakailangan, maglagay ng additional safeguards,” the veteran lawmaker added.

The senator also commended the perseverance of the Filipino people in overcoming adversities despite meager resources.

“The Filipino has once again proven that he will last.”

“There seems to be an absence of what lies ahead in the future. Kaya ang nangyayari sa atin, gumagawa ang mga mamamayang Filipino ng paraan para maibsan ang kanilang mga pangangailangan. Out of, again, the force of circumstance, the Filipino has once again proven na he will last…I would like to commend the Filipino for his real resistance and persistency in trying to make do with very little,” he said.

Recognizing the role of safe, reliable and affordable public transportation as a means to provide the people with a better standard of living and an improved quality of life for all, Senate Bill 1341 allows the use and regulation of motorcycles as an alternative mode of public transportation in order to provide convenience and ease of commute in urban and rural areas while ensuring public safety and efficiency of the transport system as a whole.


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