Senator Sonny Angara is urging all private and public schools to include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training in their respective curricula.

Angara is the principal author of Republic Act 10871, popularly known as the “Samboy Lim Law,” which aims to train young Filipinos into lifesavers.

“Schools are the best venue to equip students with the lifesaving skills.”

“Everyone can be a lifesaver, including our youth. All it takes is training, and the schools are the best venue to equip students with the lifesaving skills,” the veteran lawmaker said.

The seasoned lawmaker lauded the Department of Health (DOH) for leading mass demonstrations of how to perform hands-only CPR in time for the observance of National Disaster Resilience Month.

The DOH aims to educate local government units on the use of hands-only CPR which could be used during times of calamities and disasters.

Studies have shown that the survival rate of a victim is doubled when CPR is administered. It is an emergency procedure applied when a person’s heart has stopped beating to help keep and maintain blood flow to the heart and brain.

RA 10871 is known as the “Samboy Lim Law.” The legislation was introduced after the PBA legend suffered a heart attack in 2014.

The legislation was introduced after Philippine Basketball Association legend Avelino “Samboy” Lim suffered a heart attack during an exhibition game in 2014.

Doctors who attended to Lim later said the retired professional basketball player’s recovery would have been better had CPR been administered within 3 minutes following the heart attack.

“Equipping our youth with the necessary knowledge and basic skills to respond to certain health emergencies can save lives. We instill in their consciousness not only the importance of being healthy but also the importance of saving lives,” the youthful senator said.

RA 10871 mandates schools nationwide to incorporate CPR in their curriculum and make it a compulsory requirement prior to graduation.


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