Senator Bong Go condemned U.S. senators for their “brazen interference” in the judicial process and internal affairs of the Philippines.

This came on the heels of the news that a panel of the U.S. Senate has approved an amendment in an appropriations bill that will ban Philippine government officials from entering U.S. territory for their alleged involvement in the detention of Senator Leila De Lima.

Go repeated his strong condemnation, which he earlier voiced out in a speech in Balangiga, Eastern Samar, over the action taken by some American senators to ban Philippine officials dubbing it as “foolishness.”

“It is an affront to our sovereignty and to our ability to govern ourselves.”

“It is an affront to our sovereignty and to our ability to govern ourselves. It unduly pressures our independent courts and disrespects the entire judicial process of the Philippines by questioning its competence,” the legislator said.

The lawmaker stressed that the senators who proposed the initiative must also be banned in the Philippines.

The American senators referred to by Go include Richard Durbin (Illinois) who claimed that “Senator de Lima’s imprisonment is politically motivated.”

Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, who moved for the amendment of the appropriations bill to insert the “ban” item, had demanded through his Twitter account to “free Sen. Leila de Lima now.”

Other U.S. solons who demanded De Lima’s immediate release of are Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee), Chris Corns (Delaware), Edward Marky (Massachusetts) and Marco Rubio of Florida.

“These senators think they know better than us in governing ourselves.”

“I will suggest to President Duterte to ban American legislators from entering our country for interfering in our internal affairs. These senators think they know better than us in governing ourselves,” Go said

The senator stressed that De Lima’s detention is in accordance with Philippine laws.

“She is being detained upon lawful order of an independent court. Her detention, arose from her involvement in illegal drug trade which was affirmed by no less than the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines,” he said.

Amid all these moves to interfere in the country’s sovereignty, Go also vowed to fight for the rights of all Filipinos and just like President Rodrigo Duterte, has assured to be unbowed in asserting Philippine independence and sovereignty.

“The end of U.S. dominance and domineering attitude is over,” he said. 


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