Residents of the Baseco Compound in Tondo, Manila are now benefitting from several projects being implemented by Senator Cynthia Villar as it provides them food security and creates livelihood opportunities and jobs while maintaining a clean environment.

Villar, known for providing jobs and means of income, has built livelihood projects in the poor community of Baseco.

The veteran legislator said these projects are now a source of food and additional earnings for their people.

“We are very thankful that we are part of the intervention dedicated to the improvement of Baseco and its residents. Soon, we can all be proud of our hard work and showcase Baseco as a model site for a community rehabilitation project coupled with urban agriculture, aquaculture and other livelihood projects,” stressed the seasoned lawmaker who has established more than 3,000 livelihood projects across the country.

The chairperson of the Senate Agriculture and Food Committee introduced in Baseco urban agriculture or gardening as she encouraged residents to plant vegetables and provided them with seedlings and organic fertilizer.

“Agriculture should not only be found in rural areas, but it should be practiced even in limited spaces in urban areas.”

“I believe that agriculture should not only be found in rural areas, but it should be practiced even in limited spaces in urban areas,” the lady senator said.

In 2019, she led the distribution of 10 fishing boats and five tri-bikes to Baseco to provide livelihood opportunities to beneficiaries.

This was a partnership project by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and Villar Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance (Villar SIPAG).

Fishermen-residents in the area were also provided by Villar with fishing equipment.

She also taught Baseco residents aquaculture so that they will have more food on their tables aside from getting an extra income from them.

Villar further initiated a project that builds toilet facilities to stop open defecation in the area.

“We have been giving toilet bowls and building communal septic tanks to address the problem of sanitation in Baseco and afford residents access to a sanitary toilet facility,” she added.

To further ensure a clean and healthy environment in Baseco, Villar said she has been leading the campaign to implement waste management.

She sought the commitment of authorities for the regular collection of garbage in Baseco to prevent solid waste accumulation in Manila Bay.

Villar likewise noted that the mangroves they planted in the areas have been helping residents protect their lives and properties during typhoon surge and floodings.

Before the pandemic, she was in Tondo every week because of several programs that help poor families in the area.

Villar has also been leading a regular clean up and tree-planting activities as well as checking on the progress of the construction of toilets.

“We have been building roads and donating durable plastic chairs to schools in Baseco.”

“We have been building roads and donating durable plastic chairs to schools in Baseco,” related Sen. Villar, who also brought her recycling projects, which were being done in her home city of Las Piñas to Baseco.

She was instrumental for the construction of roads in Baseco compound that currently provides convenience and comforts to its residents.

With regards to her husband, Villar said former senator Manny, who was born and grew up in the slums of Tondo, Manila, has been continuously working with the people of Tondo to improve their communities.

Every January, on the occasion of Tondo fiesta in honor of Sto.Niño, its patron saint, the Villar couple go to their house in Tondo to spend the day with all barangay captains and school principals of Tondo for lunch and gift-giving to celebrate a belated Christmas. 



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