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Can We Just Not Do Adult Today?


Do you ever wish you could return to those blissful childhood days, when you could just curl up with a blanket and teddy bear on the couch, laugh at a funny picture book?

Do you long to rest in your ignorant place before you knew about the adult world of mortgages, car registration, dirty dishes, laundry and wondering if what you are eating contains palm oil or MSG?

We do.

And what about your freeloading pets! Wouldn’t you love to swap with them for the day, while they went to work in peak hour traffic, you stayed at home lying on your back in the sun scratching your belly?

Your favorite canine doesn’t bother himself with stock market fluctuations, current fashions or world events. Fluffy the cat hasn’t the slightest interest in whether she has gained a few inches over the winter or slept for 17 hours!

Well, we have the perfect solution for you.

Hop into your pajamas, grab a hot chocolate and download the hand drawn funny Ebook series “Brothbone and McSmelly” to your tablet from Then snuggle in a blanket and laugh out loud at the picture book stories of the ‘under-the-covers’ antics of real household pets.

Darcy ‘Brothbone’ and Liza ‘McSmelly’ are canine spies, working for the CIA (Canines Investigating A___holes) to preserve the SMS (Scent Messaging System) of animals everywhere. The ancient method of animal communication must be kept secret from humans at all costs.

Using copious puns, clever wordplay and hysterical situations, our hero dogs Brothbone and McSmelly explain how they came to work for the CIA. Hand drawn pen and watercolor illustrations delight your childish imagination as you meet the doddery Professor Alfie Doo—chief paleo-gastronomist at the SNIFFsonian Museum. He is best known for his mixed metapaws, like “It is as easy as falling off a piece of cake!” or “There is no rest for the Whiskered”.

Cuddle your teddy tightly as the stories take you on adventures to deepest darkest Africa where the dogs infiltrate the dastardly DOGtor LivingBONE’S Medical outpost in disguise to uncover his experiments with Odourite.

They then travel in an old Russian SPOTnick, in a mission to ‘Sniff Uranus’, and at a later date, enter the anus of the Sphinx to try to decipher the hyrasniffics left there for SCENTuries.

In yet another fun adventure, Liza dreams that she is a psychic medium, and says “She can see DOG people”. Travelling through time in the TURDIS, the sleuths visit WWII, and attempt to blow up the INSTINKTA machine with Professor Doo’s potent fart gases. Dressed as ‘Nun the Wiser’, they seek to know the truth about an old Irish Abbey, in the “Book of Smells”.

Never fear dear avoiders of household chores and human responsibilities, new episodes of ‘Brothbone and McSmelly’ are always being squeezed through the creative conduits of the author Illustrator Dr Louise Lawson PhD, so another day of slothful mirth will never be far away for you.


Dr. Louise Lawson PhD, Author and Illustrator of “Brothbone and McSmelly”



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