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It’s a common misconception to think that letting kids play in the rain will only make them sick. But, one of my fondest childhood memories would be playing in the rain. Getting myself really drenched and laughing with my siblings. We would always wait for strong rain because we weren’t allowed to go out if it wasn’t raining hard enough. With the recent developments about the pandemic, it’s completely natural to feel more cautious of our health, and the health of the kids in our household.

Unknown to many, maintaining a proper diet and healthy habits are enough to ensure that the immune system is strong enough to withstand any possible sickness that is assumed to be because of the rain. In itself, playing in the rain poses no significant risk as long as healthy habits are maintained and modulated.

How can we ensure safety?

It is important to set boundaries when entertaining the idea of letting your kids play in the rain. These boundaries include how strong the weather is, how old the child is, how they’re feeling physically, amongst other things. We need to make sure that the weather is good for play. Stormy weather with lightning or strong winds is extremely dangerous especially for small children. This said, it is not advised to allow children below 2 years old to play in the rain.

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Before we allow them to play in the rain they shouldn’t be feeling unwell. Kids can rapidly lose body heat when drenched because of the lowered temperature of being wet. This means they are more susceptible to succumb to any viruses or bacteria present around them. Make sure to explain safe and clean spots to them to make sure they don’t play in gutters and sewers.

The recommended duration is just about an hour, especially if it’s cooler in your area. We should also make sure that they don’t stay out too long, and are not playing in still water. Still water can have contamination from the other elements surrounding it. Best to keep them playing in a clear area or in places with clean running water. It’s strongly encouraged to bathe in clean warm water after they play in the rain.

What are the benefits of playing in the rain?

Playing in the rain is a great sensory experience that can help your kid connect to nature more and be more curious about the elements, nature, and other things around them. To encourage them to explore more about the world we live in while they’re still younger may make it more enjoyable for them to learn later on. It can also encourage them to communicate through asking questions about the experience which hones their communication skills as well as providing bonding opportunities for both of you.

There are benefits towards their physical skills as well since playing in the rain means needing to maintain their balance and footing on slippery or muddy roads. It can also be good exercise that is a positive outlet for their energy. There are also a lot of different games and activities that you can try together.



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