The city government of Cebu launched the special online registration portal for children and adolescents aged 12 to 17 who are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination.

The effort was in line with the national government’s program to inoculate the youth sector in preparation for the possible holding of limited face-to-face classes in schools.

Acting Mayor Michael Rama led the demonstration on the procedure in registering minors using the online registration portal run by the city through the local vaccine board.

Cerwin Eviota, a public relations consultant to Rama’s office, used the data of his son in showing to reporters the method of submitting the personal details of the children who are qualified to get the vaccine.

“Although there are no guidelines yet as to the inoculation of the youth, it is better to be ahead of everything.”

Although there are no guidelines yet as to the inoculation of the youth, he said it is “better to be ahead of everything” by making the list of young population who are eligible to get the COVID-19 jabs rather not having done any steps at all to protect them from the coronavirus.

“We are governed by the Local Government Code of the Philippines. The provisions are clear when it comes to anything in this nature about pandemic, health crisis, or other crisis. We don’t have to always look up above. What is really incumbent is the word empowerment, self-reliance, and self-determination,” Rama said, as he explained his view on moving forward in completing the master-listing of the young population.

Rama expressed optimism that the 70-percent population protection could be reached by year-end once inoculation of the youth begins.

“Children with comorbidities will be prioritized once inoculation of their sector starts.”

Cebu City Health Department head, Dr. Jeffrey Ibones, said children with comorbidities will be prioritized once inoculation of their sector starts.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mary Jean Loreche, Department of Health (DOH)-Central Visayas chief pathologist, said local government units (LGU) should educate their constituents on the “shelf life” of the vaccines to generate interest for inoculation against COVID-19.

“The government has been true to its promise which is to provide the vaccine to our people and they have delivered them accordingly. The effort must also be tripartite like in purchasing the vaccine jabs from their manufacturers. Tripartite effort means the national, local and the people must be hand in hand in achieving the desired population protection,” Loreche said in mixed English and Filipino during her virtual briefing.

The people, he said, must be mindful of the vaccines’ lifespan while in the cold storage facility at the DOH regional office, and get for themselves any of those available.

COVID-19 vaccines have a shelf life of six months to two years.



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