Senator Sonny Angara is pushing anew for the passage of a bill that aims to strengthen existing rights and raise the benefits and allowances of the members of the Philippine National Police (PNP), amid the alleged P60-million unreleased allowances of the elite Special Action Force (SAF).

“Kakarampot na nga lamang na allowance, nagawa pang ipagdamot sa ating mga magigiting na SAF troopers. We call for the immediate resolution of such withheld allowances and we urge the PNP leadership to not let this disservice to our troops happen again,” said Angara, who echoed the call for a Senate probe into the issue.

A plunder case was filed by active and retired SAF officials against former SAF commander Director Benjamin Lusad, SAF budget officer Senior Supt. Andre Dizon and Maila Bustamante and James Irica of the SAF Finance office.

Based on the complaint, the respondents reportedly failed to give the P30/day or roughly P900/month additional subsistence allowance of the SAF commandos for more than two years despite receiving the fund from the PNP leadership.

The veteran legislator is pushing for the passage of Senate Bill 138 or the Magna Carta for the PNP that seeks to provide bigger allowances and benefits to both uniformed and non-uniformed PNP personnel.

The Magna Carta ensures that they will be provided with cost of living allowance, clothing allowance, quarters allowance, and subsistence allowance, as well as longevity pay, reasonable leaves and retirement programs.

PNP personnel who accepts assignments in remote areas or isolated situations, and is exposed to hardship and combat situation or other hazard unusual to peacekeeping, crime prevention and investigation activities, will be compensated with a remote assignment allowance and special hardship allowance, similar to combat pay of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“This Magna Carta seeks to put dignity into the country’s premiere police force. The government should provide support to foster a highly efficient and competent PNP. It’s the least we can do as they put their lives at stake in their commitment to preserve peace and order and protect the lives of Filipino people,” the seasoned lawmaker said.

It’s the least we can do as they put their lives at stake in their commitment to preserve peace and order and protect the lives of Filipino people.

The proposed measure likewise seeks to establish a holistic PNP development program which includes merit promotion system, performance evaluation, in-service training, moral recovery program, physical and mental fitness programs, and other programs that would sustain the professionalization of the PNP.


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