The People’s Law Enforcement Board of Quezon City (PLEB) dismissed from service a Manila policeman for killing a Quezon City traffic enforcer last Oct. 13, 2022.

In its six-page decision, the PLEB QC removed P/Lt. Felixberto Tiquil from service stemming from grave misconduct and conduct unbecoming of a police officer charges filed Charilyn M. Pagsibigan and Paul Timothy G. Delos Reyes, common-law wife of the late traffic enforcer Edgar Abad Follero and the person assisted by the victim during the incident, respectively.

Follero was merely assisting Delos Reyes, his friend and a Lalamove driver, when the latter’s motorcycle broke down in Pandacan. From Pandacan, Manila, Follero while onboard his own motorcycle, “pushed” the motorcycle of Delos Reyes so the latter can get home.

Upon arriving at Roosevelt, Quezon City, the two stopped to pick up Delos Reyes’ motorcycle fairings which dropped to the ground. However, Tiquil approached the two and without any warning, immediately shot Follero twice in the body.

Follero attempted to run towards the nearest police outpost, but did not make it. Tiquil then pointed his gun towards Delos Reyes and forced him to the ground, face down.

The PLEB QC did not buy Tiquil’s defense that he thought Follero and Delos Reyes were carnappers.

“We do not buy the alibi of Tiquil that he shot Follero because of self defense. He claims to be a seasoned police officer, and yet at the slightest instance, his first instinct is to inflict a mortal wound against an innocent person,” Atty. Rafael Calinisan, Executive Officer of the PLEB, said.

“How can people pushing a defective motorcycle outrun a seasoned cop on a motorbike?”

“This is a clear violation of the PNP Rules of Procedure. Further, Tiquil also claims to have chased the victims from Nagtahan, Manila up to Roosevelt, Quezon City. How can people pushing a defective motorcycle outrun a seasoned cop on a motorbike? We are more than convinced that Tiquil was not being truthful in his narrative of what happened,” Calinisan added.

Pagsibigan, for her part, thanked the QC PLEB for its swift action on the matter.

“Wala syang karapatang maging alagad ng batas dahil sa ginawa niya sa asawa ko.”

“Ngayon, mabilis naresolba ng PLEB ang kaso at tanggal na sa serbisyo ang pulis na ito. Wala syang karapatang maging alagad ng batas dahil sa ginawa nya sa asawa ko,” she said.

Mayor Joy Belmonte, who was the first to condemn Tiquil’s act, said the QC PLEB’s decision should serve as a warning to rogue cops that they will be held accountable in Quezon City.

“The resolution of this case is a triumph for justice. In less than 60 days from the filing of the complaint, the PLEB was able to resolve this matter with utmost impartiality and dispatch. The wheels of justice run fast here in Quezon City, without fear or favor. I again commend the PLEB QC for their prompt action in helping out the ‘little one’ in need,” Belmonte added.



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