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Nearly two years of being in this pandemic could really change your psyche. Looking back, one could only imagine how we survived being cooped up in our homes and not be in places. Suddenly, the world that seemed so big for us to handle became too little—even breathing becomes taxing.

But hey, look where we are now! From being constrained to do pretty much everything, we can now walk outside with our pets, visit our favorite coffee shops, mukbang with friends, and probably one of the most important things for some of us right now, travel.

If there is one industry that was gravely hit by the pandemic, that’s going to be the tourism industry. For some, when they hear the word tourism, the first thing that comes into mind is relaxation, beautiful beaches, food trips, and adventure. But for others, tourism is what brings food to their tables, what pays for their children’s tuition or pays the rent. Because of the series of lockdowns imposed in the country, many people who heavily rely on tourists for their income were left to find other means to make ends meet. The pandemic is not only a global health crisis; it is also a socio-economic crisis that heavily affects the smallest in our society.

Bright spots and places to go to

Luckily, as we see improvements in how the world is handling the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions are starting to ease. Slowly but surely, we begin to see hope breathe some air into our lives. Along with these welcomed developments, some of us start to reenergize by reconnecting with friends and loved ones. Others go to places, whether to see new perspectives or to simply take time off from this rollercoaster ride that hasn’t even ended just yet.

So, if you feel the need to “escape” or pull off an Eat, Pray, Love era, check out these four places you can now visit if you have already completed your vaccines.

Places that welcome fully vaccinated visitors


We wouldn’t begin this list without starting with the country’s Summer Capital, Baguio. The city reopened its borders to fully vaccinated tourists at the start of November. Aside from the cool weather and great food selections from amazing restaurants, Baguio boasts tourists attractions fit for a family getaway.

To visit the City of Pines, register and schedule your visit through Baguio VISITA, upload your identification and vaccination card or certificate, choose your accommodation, fill out the health declaration form, and wait for the QTP.

NOTE: Baguio only allows 2,000 visitors per day. Check out their in-depth guidelines here.


After months of memorizing the creaks in our room’s walls, watching the world-famous sunset while sitting on the white sand beach of Boracay sounds so good right now. Easy does it; visiting Boracay’s world-renowned beach is now just a few clicks away.

So long as you have your travel itinerary, booking from a DOH-accredited accommodation, duly-filled health declaration form, and of course vaccination certificate from VaxCertPH or locally-issued vaccination card with verifiable QR code, you just have to send these documents to with the subject OHDC – last name, first name.

Wait for the confirmation email approving your travel. For more details, check out this page for their complete guidelines.


If you just can’t help but take a good dose of vitamin sea, Davao is another great place to dip your feet in the water. Probably one of the most relaxed places to go to, in terms of health protocols and restrictions, Davao welcomes all visitors, regardless of age.

Davao does not require visitors to present documents. Yes, you read that right! All you have to do is undergo the routine security checks, which the AFP and PNP will conduct for their anti-terrorism efforts.


Ah, Cebu. Do you ever wonder where those incredible photos of Gatorade-blue falls were taken? Tucked deep into the jungle, you’ll find Kawasan Falls. The famous falls in Cebu. But if that doesn’t impress, maybe swimming with whale sharks in Oslob or chasing the tides in Moalboal would.

All these you can enjoy so long as you have an identification and a full vaccination card. If you have are unvaccinated or have not taken your second dose yet, you may still visit Cebu. You just need to present your negative RT-PCR test taken within 72 hours along with the other requirements mandated by Cebu province.

We couldn’t stress this enough, but you are your responsibility when you are outside. That responsibility comes with ensuring that you are protected by getting vaccinated.

As the country gears up to ease restrictions further to boost our economy, we should never be complacent and continue to follow health protocols. Protect others by protecting you.


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