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Coworking Is a Billion-Dollar Industry: How to Be a Part of It?

Right off the bat, we love coworking because it’s the utopia of a perfect work environment. The stress-free work atmosphere gets you on the go on whatever it is you’re working on. In this article, you’ll find out how the billion-dollar industry is loved by millions of people worldwide.

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What Is Coworking?

Before we dive into different grandeurs about Coworking, let’s define it in the simplest terms first. Coworking is an unconventional arrangement of office. Workers, students, freelancers, and professionals from different companies or fields of work can work harmoniously in one grand space. This unique experience comes with its perks such as access to common infrastructures, utilities, equipment, and sometimes even refreshments. 

Compared to a traditional office desk, a Coworking space allows for the liberty to use different kinds of furniture. You name it! Ergonomic chair, sofa, ottoman, a bench; the choice is entirely your own. There’s no doubt why Coworking has become a beloved industry, generating billions of dollars across the globe.

How can you join the Coworking Industry?

It’s a fair interest to jive along with the Coworking Industry, but how exactly can you jump in? For starters, you could join as a business partner, or  broaden your horizons by joining as a landlord or broker partner. There are countless ways on how you can join the billion-dollar industry, you just have to know where to begin. 

What are the different Partnerships?

Landlord Partnerships

Landlord Partnerships is where property owners can transform properties, buildings and locations into creative beautiful, and dynamic workplaces. Through this, companies of all sizes explore and venture into experiencing a new and diverse work experience. 

Doing so increases the value of the entire property through location and brand management. Think about it, if you have a property that isn’t living up to its full potential, you can form a partnership and transform it into a Coworking space, generating profit instead of collecting dust. 

Broker Partnerships

Individuals or organizations who support multi-stakeholder partnerships on the local or international scale enable companies to achieve their respective property needs. Say if you were a broker and you thought of forming a partnership under the Coworking business, you’re definitely in for a pot of gold. 

You might wonder how value is created and increased through Coworking. Here’s how it goes; when you partner with a Coworking Space as a broker, the property churn decreases by foot traffic since tenants grow in number through the use of flex-offices. You maximize rental through premium amenities, concierge services, and employee productivity. All of these are not at your cost as the broker, instead Coworking Space is in charge of attracting quality tenants from top international and local companies, and introducing the property as a Coworking Space to the spectrum of professionals all over.  

Business to Business Partnerships

Also known as “B2B,” is a collaboration of two or more companies with a common goal of building a win-win relationship that is grounded on business growth and development. Say you own or work at a telco company or a brand in the BPO industry. You can partner up with a Coworking space and have your company operate in a private office at the Coworking Space. Aside from working in a place where you receive tons of perks and freebies, you’d also have access to common areas, phone booths, meeting spaces, and private events. 

You can grow and expand your brand and product development through marketing when you form a partnership with a Coworking Space. It’s also proven and tested that employees and individuals who work at a Coworking Space gain more meaningful work experience. You know what they say, happy employees make happy customers. 

How it Shaped the Way We Work

You obviously don’t live under a rock, since you’re reading this article already. With ongoing health hazards and restrictions here and there, our livelihood and the way we lead our lives have changed forever. However, this isn’t entirely leaning towards the negative side of things. When we say change, this can also be taken as a medium that explains how we can cope, grow, and improve. 

We came from working hours at our jobs to working from home and working remotely. If you’ve tried the work-from-home setup, sometimes it would feel a little queasy and overwhelming. It’s like being caged or working in a place with just the “same old” things. Perhaps, if you consider it, you can also try and explore the reason behind all the love people share about Coworking. Once you do, you might fall in love with it yourself. 

The bottom line is…

Coworking is one of the best decisions you will ever make in the entirety of your work adventure. Once you’ve decided to make the switch and personally explore why this industry is loved by millions, you can check out one of the most reputable spaces in Manila at Weremote. It’s a Coworking space that will prove why you will be part of the millions who love Coworking.

You should know that it’s not a billion-dollar industry because it charges fees like hotels, that’s a big “no.” It’s a billion-dollar industry because of its value for the people who enjoy working in a creative space. It’s valued as much because it helps countless individuals with honing each of their careers and broadening their opportunities. 

Coworking is an industry that will grow massively in the next 5 to 10 years. The industry poses a promising life of creativity and unconventional motivation to people like you and I, people who have dreams, and people who hustle every waking day.  



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