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Are all your bags packed and ready to go? If you can no longer wait for that next trip to the beach to get some #VitaminSea, read through to ensure that your trip will definitely be one for the books! Find out if a DIY trip is for you.

Thanks to the loosening of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we steadily see an increase in tourism activities in the country. The Department of Tourism recently announced that the number of foreign tourists in the country had breached the 200,000th mark. Due to the continuous reopening of borders, local travels are also picking up, with many of our kababayans enjoying various tourist destinations.

Sounds newsy, huh? Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about one of the many considerations in any travel plans: Should you go for a DIY trip? Whether you are entering your Eat-Pray-Love era or simply want to see different sightings, a DIY trip could both be beneficial and disastrous for you. So, it’s crucial that you prepare for EVERYTHING unexpected when you pull off this kind of trip.

PROS of a DIY Trip

Pros of DIY

One of the most apparent reasons for someone to go on a DIY trip is flexibility. Of course, if your goal for traveling is to discover new places, means, or ways to do things at your own pace, a DIY trip is definitely for you. A carefree trip increases your chances of avoiding places flocked by people: fewer people, more space for peace and relaxation. You don’t have to be caged in a travel package that could sometimes become a little too exhausting. Besides, rarely a tour package would offer all the best arrangements. Sometimes, you would even need to avail of packages to experience all the best ones.

Another reason why people choose to go on a DIY trip is budget. Mind you, though; this factor could be disastrous if left unchecked. Sometimes, flexibility could come at a price if you do not monitor your expenses during a DIY trip. However, some travelers would still prefer a DIY trip because really… there is no price for flexibility. Not to mention that some tour packages can be a bit pricey. Going on a DIY trip allows you to manage your expenses by availing only the ones you really want to do.

Since the pandemic started, we’ve heard and seen many of our friends go on extended vacation in various places; Siargao, Boracay, El Nido, and Baguio have been consistently popping up on our timelines. That sense of freedom to be wherever you want, come and leave whenever you feel like it, became a trend. Most of them stayed for more than a month and would likely tell you that the best thing about their trips is the fact that they were a come-and-go thing. Come whenever you feel like it, go whenever you can.

CONS of a DIY Trip

Cons of DIY

A DIY trip may not work for travelers who are not used to figuring things out on their own—as the name implies, you have to Do-It-Yourself. This is the part where we remind you to make sure you are prepared for anything and everything unexpected. Perhaps the scariest thing to happen during a DIY trip is not knowing where to go and what to do. Luckily though, one problem off your back—you don’t have to worry about not having any accommodations. Since we are still in a pandemic, most, if not all, travel destinations would require you to have a confirmed booking before they allow you to cross the borders.

Doing things on your own can be a little too intimidating for others. When you go on a DIY trip unprepared, you may end up spending more than you are supposed to. Worse, you could end up just availing a tour package out of frustration—so much for a weekend getaway, right? But of course, this is not always bad. Sometimes, the more unexpected a trip is, the more exciting and memorable it becomes—if you are the adventurous type. If you are the type who gets easily frustrated by mishaps and unwanted surprises during trips, you might want to reconsider pulling off a DIY trip.

Lastly, a DIY trip can sometimes become more exhausting than availing of a travel package. Since you have to do things all by yourself, you continuously have to figure things out on your own before settling in. Many of us go on a trip to relax and take a break from everything exhausting us. If your trip would still require you to think all the time, enjoying it might become a little challenging.

DIY or not, go back to your reason for traveling

The pros and cons mentioned above are just some of many. Surely, there are more advantages and disadvantages to going on a DIY trip. Whether you go for it or not, going back to your reason for traveling could help you plan your trip better. DIY trips can be both enjoyable and taxing. Depending on your appetite for adventure and your definition of relaxation, planning your trip would be easier to outline if you have the answers for these two.

Our ultimate recommendation is to choose the most likely trip to give you a more meaningful experience. If a DIY trip would give you more opportunities for self-discovery and exploration, go for it. If you put a premium on ease and comfort, choose a travel package that suits your needs. Always remind yourself that you are making memories you can cherish for as long as possible. Go for what would make you happier because, trust us, you deserve it. Either way, #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines



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