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Do-It-Yourself Waxing With a Pack of Beans


Tired of going to salons for expensive waxing treatments that will only make you cry in pain in the end? It is time to take waxing at home and leave this matter with your own hands.

The idea of ripping hair off from deep down your pores is scary, but with the use of hard wax beans, do-it-yourself waxing is not as painful as it sounds and looks.

Hard wax beans (when melted) work with all skin types as the wax material is gentle on the skin, making the waxing process an almost pain-free one.

The wax removes any stubborn hair, both thick ones and thin baby hairs on all parts of the skin, including the arms, legs, upper lip, and eyebrows.

A pack of beans also comes in different scents such as aloe vera, chamomile and lavender which give a relaxing feeling as the formula is prepared.

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It is easy to wax with these: just melt the pellets in a wax heater, apply melted wax when it is not hot enough along the direction of the hair growth, and quickly pull it off in the opposite direction. Waxing strips or cloths are not required. The wax hardens and cools after application, and is simply pulled off from the skin. The result: smooth skin in just one painless strip! The tiny unwanted hairs that have been left can just be tweezed or removed through a second strip of melted wax.

Not only is the process trouble-free, it is also satisfying to watch the wax being spread on the skin.

Women have tried this product on their legs and arms to see how effective and really painless it is. They will have you holding your breaths with them as if you were also being waxed. Watch their video at BuzzFeed and see their reactions. After the clip, you will surely be looking for those beans.


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