Christmas season, there is just so much to celebrate and be grateful for during this time of the year. We reconnect with the people we haven’t talked to—thanks to the pandemic; we savor bonuses, buy the things we have been saving up for, give gifts, and receive some. But arguably, the best thing about Christmas is food. The joy of feasting with our loved ones, and the general vibe of the season of giving. There seems to be no reason for sadness or room to lead you astray—except maybe when our aunties and uncles start throwing the ironically common questions we so dread to answer. 

So, in the spirit of giving, we are also giving you some tips on how to handle these uninvited questions because, quite frankly, regardless of how hard we try to avoid them, they still find a way to slip through conversations. Since they seem unavoidable, here are some things you can do when you feel the need to dodge hard-hitting questions.


Kelan ka ggraduate

Let’s face it; the pandemic really did a number on us all. There was a time when going to school seemed too unimaginable. The uncertainty was so big in the schooling population, and it got bigger for reasons. Understandable, if you are one of those students struggling to catch up on your readings, you could answer this question politely by explaining how to prefer to focus on the now and the need to be stable in a time when everything is beyond what we consider normal. 

But if you want things lighter, just say good things come to those who wait; next thing you know, you are already #gradwaiting. 


May boyfriend ka na ba?

Oh, this question is a classic—often asked by titos and titas or your harmless Marites cousin. Maybe it’s human nature to know the future of our families’ lineage but know that the best way to answer this question is by politely telling them you’d wish to keep your personal life private. 

After all, there are three things in life that should be kept private: How much you earn, matters of the heart, and your next move—whether it be to sneak in some Lumpia and Fruit Salad in your Lock&Lock. *Cue in Bituing Walang Ningning on your first scoop of spaghetti straight to the plastic container*


Kelan ka magpapakasal?

If the previous question does not apply to you because *slow clap for the lucky ones* your Facebook status says “in a relationship”, this is highly likely something our relatives would ask. And when they do, ha! they won’t buckle. So, if this idea has not even flown around your relationship yet, tighten your grip and courteously say not in the distant future.

But if you are feeling feisty over the question, since they thought of it, answer it also with a question like, “would you finance my wedding if I tell you when?” Who knows? You might get luckier in the season of giving. 


Kelan mo kami bibigyan ng apo?

Finally, the question we dread to hear from our parents. When this question starts floating in the air, expect that it won’t be the last time you hear it. So, better be ready than sorry. When they do ask this, make sure to be firm with your answer; whether it’s a dodging answer or a definite one, hold your ground.

If you are not yet ready as a couple, just say so. If you are prepared, then go full-blown in answering. But if you wish not to discuss it, no matter how apt the timing is, just say you are not in the best position to give them an answer. You may also say that you’d wish to explore your relationship further before creating your mini versions. Definitely, more questions would be asked; some would be brutal, and some would be out of this world. But remember, you are not obliged to entertain a question when you are not in the best headspace to offer an answer. If there is one thing that can be said about adulthood, it’s the fact that your personal life is your own thing. You get to decide when, where, and how you would like to answer questions that relate to you. Good luck with your Noche Buena Q&A!


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