The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) significantly ramped up its enforcement of the Vape Law, yielding P25,874,175 worth of illegal vape products in just the first five months of 2024. 

This surpasses the DTI’s total illegal vape seizure for the entire 2023 amounting to P5,453,852.

“We will not stop here.”

“Nearly halfway through the year, the significant rise in confiscated illegal vapes demonstrates our unwavering commitment to safeguard Filipino consumers, especially our youth. These results showcase our intensified efforts and we will not stop here,” DTI Secretary Fred Pascual said as he gave a strong warning to potential violators.

“We will continue to pursue these illegal activities, working closely with other agencies and stakeholders. Our aim is nothing less than the complete eradication of the illegal vape trade, fostering a healthier environment for Filipino businesses and consumers,” Pascual added.

The majority of confiscated vape products violated Republic Act (RA) No. 11900, or the Vaporized Nicotine and Non-Nicotine Products Regulation Act, also known as the Vape Law. Specifically, they violated Rule 6, Section 1(j), which strongly prohibits the sale of vape products that are packaged, labeled, presented, and marketed with flavor descriptors or cartoon characters that appeal to minors.

Among the confiscated brands were 2,428 units of RELX worth P534,190, and 158 units of Waka by RELX worth P35,440.

In March 2024, the DTI suspended the sale and distribution of the vape brand Flava due to repeated violations of RA 11900.  

Additionally, a joint operation with the Philippine National Police in April yielded P24.8 million worth of illegal Flava vapes from an establishment located 20 meters from an elementary school in Parañaque City. This a clear violation of the law which prohibits the sale of vapes within 100 meters of any areas frequented by minors.

“This crackdown on violations of the Vape Law and fair trade laws and regulations assures the public of the DTI’s commitment to a safe and fair marketplace.”

“With the launch of Task Force Kalasag this year, we are intensifying consumer protection efforts nationwide. This crackdown on violations of the Vape Law and fair trade laws and regulations assures the public of the DTI’s commitment to a safe and fair marketplace,” the trade chief explained.

Since the Vape Law implementation, the DTI has already seized a total of 67,010 vape units from various brands, amounting to P31,328,027.

The Department encourages the public to report any illegal sale, manufacturing, and distribution of illicit vape products through and or via



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