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Fashionistas and the fashion industry have long been vilified for perpetuating the “me, myself and I” culture.

With various social causes finding a new and fresh platform through fashion, these brands are here to debunk all that negative reputation. And since social awareness never goes out of style, let your advocacies be heard with these statement pieces.



Showcase the unique beauty and practicality of Filipino handwoven textiles with these gorgeous bags from AKABA.

Founded in 2014, AKABA has partnered with many indigenous communities across the country in preserving and promoting the art of loom weaving.

Support these local artisans and show your Pinoy pride with these high quality woven bags.


2 Life Saver by LoveHopeFaith

For only 250 pesos, get yourself one of these very hip Japanese movement watches from LoveHopeFaith Group.

Available in 10 different colors, it is the perfect barkada watch for that #squadgoals swag.

The best part is, with every purchase, 50% of the proceeds goes to the benefit of young cancer patients.

You can also visit their website to check out the other products they offer and learn more about their beneficiaries.


3 Anthill Fabric Gallery

Upgrade your wardrobe while supporting a sustainable livelihood for rural communities with locally woven pieces from Anthill Fabric Gallery.

From the fun and carefree Marahuyo dress to the sophisticated Gunita shirt dress, Anthill Fabric Gallery carries the trendiest dresses, skirts, scarves and accessories perfect for all your fashion needs.

Anthill Fabric Gallery has successfully brought our beloved weaving tradition into the spotlight of twenty-first century fashion and lifestyle, appealing to both the millennial and the millennial at heart.

Get ready to turn any hallway into a high-end fashion runway in these wearable art pieces.


4 Olivia and Diego

Complete your #ootd with these fun, feminine and fabulous upcycled jewellery pieces from Olivia and Diego.

This Davao-based social enterprise seeks to empower women and children (many of them are human trafficking survivors) by organizing livelihood workshops to revamp old discarded t-shirts into fresh statement pieces.

Empowering and environment-friendly, that is always the trend at Olivia and Diego.


5 Bambowtie

To the dapper fellas out there, the Bambowtie may just be your new fashion staple.

The Bambowtie is a hand-carved bamboo bow tie handmade by community members from a Gawad Kalinga community in Tarlac.

Profits from the Bambowtie goes to various educational programs and scholarship grants organized for the community members.

As the makers of Bambowtie say, “Look cool, send kids to school.”

Now let us go change the world, one outfit at a time.


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