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Having dry, curly hair is frustrating. If you’re like me, then you’ve spent a long period of your life relying on getting your hair straightened or rebonded. It was always too dry or looked like a big lion’s mane and that was my only go-to at the time. After going with it for almost 10 years, I decided to just let my hair grow out. I went to a salon and got a cut that fit my hair. That was the first time I really saw how my curls looked naturally. 

But it wasn’t smooth sailing from there. 

After a few months, my hair started going back to its frizzy state. From my research, there are plenty of things that could have caused it. Most days, I blame stress. But temperature and humidity are major factors. When it’s colder, hair is usually easier to tame than during hot days.

Can we prevent this?

Keeping your hair looking healthy takes a lot of effort. Hair care usually revolves around these fundamentals: Cleaning, Drying, and Styling. Because each individual’s hair is different, these three steps require a lot of trial-and-error before you get things right. Let’s start with each step!


You’ll often see tips that say no sulphates, no paraben, and no silicones. This is because most formulas that use these ingredients usually cause build-up that adds weight to the hair and can even straighten it. You’ll know that you have a lot of build-up when your hair starts looking greasy, when you notice that it lost volume or if it feels heavy. This doesn’t mean that your hair is damaged. 

Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash

To address build-up, pay attention to what products you use and how often you use them. You can keep a log of which products you’re trying and how your hair responds to the new products. To make sure that your hair has adjusted, best to keep using the same product for a month or two before trying a different one. For deep cleaning, try to find a clarifying shampoo that works for you and use it once or twice a month only. These shampoos are usually really strong.


Since heat can affect your hair, it’s best to avoid using heat styling tools to dry it. There are also certain types of towels, like microfiber, that don’t leave your air frizzy and big. Some would advise using the cool or low heat setting of a hairdryer with a diffuser at the end. This allows the heat to be distributed wider and will less likely bring harm to your hair. To make sure that your hair follows its natural waves and curls, it’s also best to brush it only when it’s still wet. (But don’t brush or comb too much!) You can also try scrunching your hair and gently squeezing out the water and leaving it to air dry.


Similar to cleaning, using products to style your hair only weighs it down. And it increases the tendency that the waves or curls would be straighter because of the weight. If you want your curls to be more defined, you can try to explore which mousse or gel works best for you. Try to pay attention to how your hair naturally curls if you leave it alone after showering. 

The only real way to know what works best is through your own research and experience. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional for suggestions and advice regarding certain products that you’re interested in trying. Stick to a product and routine, unless you’re experiencing negative effects like allergic reactions. Give your hair space and time to heal. Don’t rush it. You’ll get there!



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