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Whenever we buy something, how often do we ask about our money’s worth? What does the purchase include? What kind of service do we get? When it comes to cars, we know that spending is inevitable, whether for maintenance, insurance, car batteries, or additional features. More than just a prized possession, a car could be considered part of the family, and like our loved ones, care and attention are vital for its roles and functions. That includes ensuring that we only get the best quality brands for it.

As we see the prices of essential commodities continue to skyrocket, now more than ever, every peso we spend must go towards something that would take care of our cars and ourselves. Among many car components, one that we can control is our choice of automotive battery. Take out the brand’s name—along with its prestige, take out the overwhelming advertisements and presence on and offline, remove everything else, and leave the actual unit. Bottom line: whatever it does and does not do is your money’s worth.

But only some of us pay attention to what a car battery should do other than starting the engine and providing power and ignition. For Motolite, it is now more than just delivering what’s necessary. The brand is practically a legend in terms of automotive batteries. Their car batteries undoubtedly provide the essential functions you expect a car battery should do. But what sets Motolite apart from its competitors is its dedication to innovate by tailor-fitting its products and services to what cars in the Philippines need.


Filipinos love it when the service they receive goes beyond expectations. We love hearing words like reliability, endurance, and durability. For us, these words next to a service or an item we purchase are our money’s worth. But any brand could use these words, too. In a market filled with competing brands uttering the same promises, brands stand out when they carry strong, personalized, unique selling propositions. We know that Motolite has been bearing the “Pangmatagalan” slogan for as long as we can remember. But now, true to its form and dedication to innovation, they reinforced its products and services by focusing on what Filipino motorists need—whether you know it or not. 

Motolite Excel is a breakthrough product that embraces excellence in innovation. Perhaps, apart from the fact that the series uses German technology, what truly captures and excites motorists is its tropicalized technology. This means that Motolite batteries use a technology adapted to our climate—specifically engineered to last longer and still reach optimal performance despite the extreme weather conditions in the country. These tropicalized batteries are game-changers because if a car battery is not explicitly designed to withstand high temperatures, it would still be shortened regardless of how long other brands advertise their batteries’ life span.


Because we are talking about climates and extreme weather conditions, it is only apt to discuss other aspects that many may need to be aware of. We already know that looking at the cranking amps (CA) is a way to determine the number of electrical currents an auto battery can discharge in moderate temperatures in a short time. The CA is the power a car battery provides when starting an engine.

Another term we often hear is “cold cranking amps,” or CCA. It measures a battery’s ability to start an engine in freezing conditions. While it is true that a car battery with a high CCA may be the better option, it is only beneficial to vehicles people use in cold climates—not so much in a tropical country like the Philippines.

With the ever-increasing development in car functionalities, manufacturers of auto batteries are continuously building new products that could meet various vehicular battery requirements. Some argue that imported ones have more advanced technology and are better than the local ones. But in reality, unless their car batteries are specifically designed for the climates in the country, their selling points might turn out to be inconsequential, deeming your battery’s life span questionable—which may eventually cause you to replace them sooner than expected.

When you buy a Motolite battery, aside from the tried and tested reliability, endurance, and durability, you are also purchasing a product that knows your car and the country in which you are driving it. To spend for the peace of mind that you will not get stuck in the middle of the road just because your car battery cannot take the heat is well worth it. However, car batteries are also subject to wear and tear, and there will be occasions when we need professional assistance.


Apart from the reliability, endurance, and durability of Motolite products, one of their most significant selling points is their roadside assistance and after-sales support. Motolite RES-Q is an on-demand 24/7 roadside assistance service that Motolite users enjoy—an added peace of mind in times of need. Whether you need battery replacement, tire assistance, emergency refueling, or assistance when your car overheats, Motolite RES-Q will help you get the service you need wherever you are in the country.

There is a long list of reasons why Motolite is superior to other brands and still the choice of many. Aside from its dedication and commitment to environmental sustainability through legitimate recycling and proper disposal of batteries, when a brand innovates to uphold quality standards while providing what motorists need, you are sure to get products and services that value your hard-earned money—that is your money’s worth. Needless to say, no one knows you and your car better than Motolite.



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