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You may have been asked the dreaded question about the number of books you read per year. If so, there is a very good reason why some people often ask this question. Reading is, not just what? FUN-damental! It is also necessary for the growth of our cognitive abilities. Needless to say, the less you read, the less sharp your saw will be.

Researchers say that the average number of books an adult must read on a yearly basis is 12. Backed by the Science of reading, hitting this annual number greatly ensures our cognitive processes are on their A-game, helping us process information quicker, become more knowledgeable, and of course, it’s always cool to have insights on important things.

But 12 seems to be an inflated number – a number probably suggested by ‘heavy readers’ to challenge non-wide readers to read more. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t hurt if we can reach that number. After all, the more books we read, the more intensive the knowledge we’ll gain – it’s a win-win!

Creating a strong reading pattern

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Some books can be really intimidating. But the main challenge in hitting at least the average number is time. Considering how busy one could get, time is a luxury not all of us can afford. Adding up to that, even when we are not busy, we are usually glued to our gadgets, either playing games, watching videos, or checking out posts.

Ideally, if one could read at least four books per year, that might also do the trick. Besides, any number is better than none. There is a reason why reading is one of the first things they taught us to do at school. This underrated skill is crucial to developing our ability to comprehend things and analyze complex information, and aid us in creating sound decisions.

When we stop reading, we deprive our brains the necessary exercise it needs to stay fit. Our grasp of language declines, leading to a slump in our way of comprehending things. After all, our brain trains like our muscles – and what better way to make it grow? Work it out!

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Do not pressure yourself too much with the quality of the book you read. If classic literature frightens you, start with the ones that interest you the most. This part is crucial since the books you’ll start reading to develop a habit will make or break your chances of getting a good one.

Reading is not only good for our brains. In this fast-paced world, reading can also offer to unhook us from our busy lives and feel more in control with our own pace. Go back to reading! Steadily create a pattern and go back to loving the art of learning. Next thing you know, you are already on your fourth or twelfth book!



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