To ensure that the spirit of the law will not be lost, Senator Dick Gordon reminded the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to be careful in drafting the Implementing Rules and Regulations for the newly-enacted Republic Act 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act.

Gordon, author and sponsor of the law, stressed that the IRR should not digress from the purpose of the law which is to protect the citizenry from crimes committed with the use of motorcycles.

“The government is now taking action against riding-in-tandem crimes with the enactment of this law. We should not let this law die because of poor implementation that is why the LTO should do the IRR properly. The IRR is not law-making. It is just an explanation of how the law will be implemented,” the seasoned legislator said.

“We should not let this law die.”

The chairman of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights said he intends to write the LTO to propose sitting down with them in writing the IRR so they will get the purpose of the law correctly.

“I have been in discussion with the LTO since the inception of this bill. However, laws die in the implementation. Therefore, the LTO must be careful in writing the IRR. As the principal author and sponsor, I would like to help the Committee which will draft the IRR to make sure that it reflects the genuine spirit of the law,” the veteran lawmaker said.

“I would like to help the Committee which will draft the IRR.”

Gordon, who was a former mayor of Olongapo City, said his experience in implementing a public transport color-coding scheme in Olongapo could contribute greatly in the crafting of the IRR.

“Olongapo City has been implementing a public transport color coding scheme since 1985, when I was mayor of the city. The scheme has been an effective tool in deterring crimes and is still implemented up to this day. My experience in implementing such scheme in Olongapo would greatly contribute to the crafting of the IRR,” the senator said.


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