In preparation for the anticipated increase in passengers traveling from Matnog Port in Sorsogon to the Visayas and Mindanao during the upcoming Undas season, Sorsogon Governor Boboy Hamor convened a meeting recently with various partner agencies involved in preparing the province, specifically focusing on the Blue Lane Project of the Katrangkiluhan Program.

Present at the meeting were representatives from key agencies, including the Maritime Industry Authority, Philippine Ports Authority, Philippine National Police, Philippine Army, Philippine Coast Guard, Land Transportation Office, Bureau of Fire Protection, Highway Patrol Group, Shipping Companies, SPDRRMO, SK3, Blue Lane Team, Media partners, and others.

The meeting centered on addressing potential challenges during the peak season, such as a shortage of passenger ships, vessel turnaround between Allen and Matnog, traffic congestion, and unforeseen events.

In preparation for this scenario, several solutions were proposed.

Among the proposed solutions is requesting an additional three to five ships beyond the current ten traveling to Matnog.

These include ensuring proper and compliant scheduling of ship departure times from the port, requesting an additional three to five ships beyond the current ten traveling to Matnog, and emphasizing the need for coordination and cooperation among all stakeholders to effectively manage traffic flow in Matnog.

The provincial government will provide assistance, including deploying a medical team and distributing hot meals.

Hamor assured that the provincial government is fully prepared to provide assistance as needed, including deploying a medical team, distributing hot meals, and maintaining continuous monitoring to ensure the successful implementation of the Blue Lane project.

The meeting, along with the progress made in advancing the Blue Lane initiative, underscores the governor’s commitment to addressing the long-standing congestion issue in Matnog.



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