Let’s give our commuters in Metro Manila more options—not less. 

This, according to House Minority Leader Bienvenido “Benny” Abante Jr., sums up the sentiments of the members of the Minority, who on Wednesday expressed their support for the continued operations of motorcycle taxis in Metro Manila and committed to work to pass a measure that would allow the use of motorcycles as public utility vehicles (PUVs).

“By all accounts, motorcycle taxis have also been established as safe and reliable.”

“Commuters in Metro Manila need more affordable and accessible modes of public transportation, and this is what is currently offered by motorcycle taxis,” said the lawmaker after motor taxi drivers staged a protest at the House of Representatives. 

Abante lamented that “as long as mass transportation systems like the MRT run at sub-optimal levels and regularly break down, it is the obligation of government to offer options, not limit them.”

The legislator pointed out that during the pilot-testing phase of motorcycle taxi operations, the said mode of transport “has proven to be a boon for commuters and a benefit for those wanting to earn a living.”

“By all accounts, motorcycle taxis have also been established as safe and reliable, which is why they are so popular among commuters.”

The legislator acknowledged the need for Congress to fast-track amendments to the 1964-enacted Land Transportation and Traffic Code that at present prohibits the use of two-wheeled vehicles as PUVs.

This, said Abante, was why members of the Minority committed to work with their counterparts in the Majority to pass the required legislation that would allow for the continued operation of motorcycle taxis. 


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