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We’re steadily inching towards the rainy season, which means we get scorching and humid weather. We see a drastic change in the temperature during this change of seasons, especially when it’s sunny for a few hours and rainy for the next. This sudden temperature change can trigger a hot and humid environment. 

High temperatures aren’t all bad. It does make us sweat a lot, especially here in the Philippines, and that can clear out our pores of dead skin cells and excess oil. If you don’t have access to cleaning your face after you sweat, the dirt and dead skin cells remain on the surface of your face and risks reclogging your pores because sweating also opens your pores and exposes them to the debris on your face. This reclogging increases the likelihood of breakouts and rashes.

So because we can’t predict or control the weather, here are some tips to keeping your skin healthy during scorching and humid weather. 

Know and understand your skin type. It’s vital to know your skin type and understand what kind of care it needs, given the harsh environment. Some of the common types are Normal, Sensitive, Dry, Oily, or Combination Skin. These types are classified based on secretion, hydration, and sensitivity level of the skin. Knowing your skin type can guide you in finding what products will help keep your skin healthy, like how sensitive skin is, fragile and prone to dryness, and easily irritated. Some products for dry skin may be too harsh for these types. To find out what product works for you, most products available in the market have guides or indicators of skin type. Don’t forget to do your research and trial-and-error because what can work for someone else may not work for you.

Hydration is key. In extreme heat, it’s easy for the skin to become dry and oily because the glands are producing more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. If your skin is hydrated enough, the skin’s elasticity will improve, and the appearance of wrinkles is reduced. To ensure that you’re giving your skin the hydration it needs, you should drink enough water and check for water-based and hydrating skin care products. Just make sure you’re not overdoing it because the risk is that your skin will produce less natural moisture on its own.

You can’t control the weather, but you can control the moisture. According to dermatologists, the human skin can stand the ideal humidity level between 30 and 50%. Investing in a dehumidifier is one of the things you can do to control the temperature of your environment. Ensuring that humidity levels stay within this range can help your skin retain its natural moisture.

These are only some of the ways on how you can take care of your skin when unpredictable weather hits. Don’t forget to do your research before you try on any new skincare regimen, and pay attention to any adverse effects of any new product that you’ll use on your skin. Happy hydrating!


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