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by Robert Kobe Garcia

In celebration of the Institution of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines – Mapúa University Student Chapter’s (IECEP-MUSC’s) 36th founding anniversary, the current Batch 72 officers, “Ikigai,” will spearhead its grand event entitled ECEnnovate: Fundamentals of Electronics towards Shaping the Future,” on July 22-24, 2022, via Zoom and Facebook Live.

The grand event tackles a series of electronics-related webinars and a workshop to be discussed by well-known licensed Electronic Engineers to promote the Electronics Industry and instill Electronics and Communication Engineering skills and knowledge. These webinars and workshops include the following fields: Semiconductors, Broadcasting, Internet Networks, Test Development, Microelectronics, Smart App services, and Robotics Automation.

ECEnnovate sets up informative webinars

Engineer James Rodney Santiago leads the first event with the Broadcasting webinar on the first day. The webinar, “ON AIR: Digital TV Broadcasting in Today’s Technology,” focuses on the world of Digital TV and how the aid of the Internet can help its cause to broadcast visual news and media to a higher level for a broader range of audiences or lose its ability to become the primary news medium on the Internet. He is currently a Digital TV Consultant and Technology expert of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan for the Philippines.

Engineer Walton Lacorte then follows with a webinar on the field of Semiconductors, “IC Technology: Growing Trends Towards Innovation.” The webinar focuses on the semiconductor industry’s promising future in developing and adopting new technologies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, and other associated fields. It will also cover the uprising innovation in experimenting with semiconductor components and the rise in the cost of rare-earth metals. He is currently the Training Management Section Head of Onsemi Philippines in Cebu City.

Day 2 of ECEnnovate webinars

On the second day, Analog devices starts the first event with the Test Development webinar entitled “Fundamentals and Innovation through Test Development.” The webinar discusses the essentials – engineering know-how and advanced capabilities – to execute a perfect functional test for the electronic end products. It also covers tutorials on how to plan and optimize a product using Printed Circuit Board Assembly in the entirety of system designing and production.

Engineer Ulysses Naguit follows with the field of Internet Networks webinar entitled, “ICT and TELECOMS: Securing the Next Generation Technology,” and will tackle the role of the ICT Industry in bringing ground-breaking ideas and innovations, as well as tackling the latest trends on fiber internet, to address various ICT fields such as digital transformation, investment outlook, and the emergence of AI and edge computing. He is the Executive Vice-President and Chief Information Officer of Converge ICT Solutions Incorporated in Pasig City.

Engineer Andrew Alagado of Xinyx discusses the Microelectronics webinar entitled, “Innovative Technology and Opportunities with Semiconductors and Microelectronics.” It focuses on the role of the semiconductors and microelectronics industries in providing work opportunities and possible innovations that drives the development and improvement of electronic products in this microelectronic age. He is currently the Operation Manager for Xinyx Design Consultancy and Services Incorporated.

On the last day of the grand event, Mr. Benedict Musngi heads the Smart Apps Services webinar, “ Innovative Technology Features & Services with GCash,” where the webinar covers the uniqueness of GCash, a wireless banking service from GLOBE, as well as its new features that further separates it from other wireless banking services. He currently works as its Platform Manager.

Engineer Jose Rizalde Umipig comes next with a discussion on the evolution of broadcast television and how its transformation and adaptability serve a greater purpose in catering to audiences, wherever they may, through his webinar, “THEN & NOW: Fundamentals of TV Broadcasting in the Philippines.” The webinar also covers the relevance of broadcast media in the contemporary world. He is the Managing Partner of Lotus Business and Technical Services, Incorporated.

Arduino Robotics handles the fundamentals and applications of robotic systems through its “Robotics Automation” workshop. As a multidisciplinary area, Robotics deals with the concepts of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, such as embedded programming, control systems, automated decision making, and power electronics. The webinar covers various electronics, mechanics, and software tutorials, the review of fundamental robotics hardware, and a hands-on exercise for the participants to program their own Arduino – from construction to connection.

To cap off the grand event, Ikigai holds the event games and giveaway of prizes.

To learn more about ECEnnovate, visit the official social media pages of IECEP-MUSC.



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