We’re mostly stuck at home. This means we do what we can to keep ourselves distracted and entertained. Since we’re forced into isolation, we might as well have fun with it. Earlier this year, one of the popular TikTok trends was the Fake Windows Challenge, with the original video garnering 2.4 million views. The videos under the #FakeWindowChallenge even got a total of 214.9 million views. The trend was also named as one of the safest and (mostly) accessible challenges from TikTok.

What is the Fake Window Challenge?

This challenge is pretty straightforward. You just need a projector to project a video of scenery that could be real or fictional. The videos also features a border or frame that makes them look like fake windows. This creates an illusion of being elsewhere, which is helpful in isolation. It also gives you different types of views that allows you to tailor-fit your “window” to your mood or preferences.

The concept itself isn’t new. The use of a projector can be attuned to planetarium projectors that were invented in the 1920s. This was used to project images of the night sky and celestial objects in a planetarium. It helps to teach us more about space, the stars, and the other celestial bodies. This was later adapted to their more portable versions: constellation lamps. These lamps are usually marketed as night lights for kids, illuminating rooms with dim recreation of the stars. They aren’t always accurate compared to the projectors in the planetarium that projects the sky as it is. Some lamps have projections that are comical or cartoon-like.

Is it safe to keep the projector on while you sleep?

From most of the videos I’ve seen, the challenge or trend is usually done for people to relax during work, study or sleep. Since most of them have these fake windows near their beds, I was mostly concerned about the risks involved with having a projector on while you slept. Based on what I’ve read, this is a low risk only if you have a projector from a trusted brand. It also needs to be well maintained to make sure that the device is not susceptible to break while you sleep. You also need to make sure that the projector has enough ventilation and the temperature of the environment is not too hot. Extreme heat and low ventilation may cause the projector to overheat.

What did you think of this trend? Were you able to do it? Let us know through the comments section!



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