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La Union Sunset Chronicles

It is known for its surfing spots, hip food places, and modern and Instagrammable accommodations. It is easily accessible—in just four hours, you’ll reach this laid-back coastal town in the North. Indeed, La Union is a top choice for weekend warriors.

Thousands of tourists visit La Union every month, especially when there are music festivals and big parties. Surely these tourists have witnessed the beautiful sunsets that La Union can offer.

Here are the six best sunsets captured in La Union:


1) Sunset after surf


2) Sunset that will make you feel home

I never met a sunset I didn’t like. ?

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3) Romantic sunset


4) Sunset amidst chaos


5) Sunset that will bring you to another dimension


6) Calming sunset


Every sunset tells a story. Every story elicits emotions. La Union sunsets are romantic, inspiring; and, not to mention, Instagrammable. Next time you visit La Union, make time for sunsets and experience calm and beautiful moments.



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