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“LORE: The Marketing Apocalypse—Will AI be the future of Marketing?” | A webinar focusing on the future of marketing, immense possibilities, and opportunities of AI

As Artificial Intelligence continues to dominate the world of technology and business industries, gear yourself up and join 3NDEAVOR Productions for their venture in the world of AI entitled “LORE: The Marketing Apocalypse—Will AI be the future of Marketing?” on July 8, 2023. This venture will help us to prepare for the new era of marketing with the power of AI as we move towards a more advanced and data-driven world of businesses.

This webinar, LORE: The Marketing Apocalypse, aims to discuss the future of businesses as well as the jobs marketers with the coming of age of AI. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, technological advancements, and data-driven approach, how will businesses integrate this occurrence with their business operations, decision-making, and human power. The event will walk you through the current situation of marketing today with the emergence of AI, how it will challenge the marketing industry, and what AI has in store for the future of the marketing industry.

To give us a full understanding regarding AI and its impact on the marketing industry, 3NDEAVOR invited three highly acclaimed guest speakers with outstanding expertise in their own field. These experts are ready to share their first hand knowledge and experience about AI, Mr. Dominic “Doc” Ligot, Co-founder of Analytics Association of the Philippines, trustees and chair of APP’s Special Committee on AI and CTO of CirroLytix Research Services; Mr. Toni-Jan Keith Monserrat, Google Developer Expert – Web Technologies and CTO of Senti AI; and Mr. Oliver Valvieja, Founder and CEO of AngatKaPh Learning hub with expertise in Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design Development. Along with the renowned guest speakers, there will be amazing performances from the beloved guest performers to showcase their own amazing talents to us that everyone will surely enjoy and look forward to.

            Get ready as we step into the future of marketing and discover the immense possibilities and opportunities of AI. Mark your calendar and let us all unravel the limitations of AI and humanity.

            Do not miss the opportunity for a learning experience, fill out the registration form for LORE: The Marketing Apocalypse—Will AI be the future of Marketing?. The event will happen on July 8, 2023, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, live via live steam on 3NDEAVOR Official Facebook Page.



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