Ta-da! Tired and confused? Apparently, it is not only the season that keeps changing, or those friends who keep changing their minds about the next barkada trip. Here in the Philippines, with the seemingly never-ending quarantine classification that looks to use all letters in the alphabet, the nation was once again rocked by the sudden shift from MECQ to granular GCQ, then back to MECQ just hours after the pronouncement.

But let us face it, with or without the pandemic, we often catch ourselves under a “sabaw” state—so vague it would beat your late-night soup. However, we have to give it to ourselves. These are trying times and sometimes, even the simplest and mundane activities could send us to a facepalm moment. Now, take a chill pill and just laugh off the moment. After all, we deserve every bit of chances and reasons we could get to smile and laugh. But some moments would make us scream expletives internally.

When you just got your paycheck, but you are already looking forward to the next one, thanks to the inescapable bills. 

Nora aunor with caption "May Sahod na ba teh?"

When you’re excited to check your payslip because of overtime credits, but you saw your tax and other deductions first. 

…and your bestie got the same deductions, too.

What about those times when you have to work overnight for a pitch deck only to find out it would no longer be used, 15 minutes before the presentation.

What about those times when you’ve been on Zoom since 8 a.m. and it’s already 8 p.m.?

How about those times when you’re busy chatting with your friends during an online class? Then your teacher calls you for an on-the-spot recitation.

…and the question is not in any of the topics you’ve read.

…but you still managed to answer it correctly.

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What about those times when it’s early in the morning, and you woke up with a barrage of messages from your boss for urgent action items?

But regardless of the situation, we know that you will always pull through. Hang in there, buddy! When you feel tired, take a pause, breath, and drink lots of water. That could help get rid of your “soupiness.” Fight!



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