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Mindanao Art 2021, with the theme, Art in between: Mindanao Art in Liminal Space, has proven, once again, that art is undying and ever relevant. For this year, Mindanao Art chooses a butterfly as its logo. Butterflies are symbols of transformation, hope, and new life. Their colours and patterns symbolize beauty—that along the process of changing, something unknown yet beautiful emerges.

The pandemic has indeed caused significant shifts in our lives. The uncertainty increases as we journey to find out what the future holds. One industry, however, has proven that despite the challenges we face, we can still hope and keep our spirits alive. Art generously teaches us the importance of endurance and embracing changes in a time of pandemic.

Mindanao Art graciously opened its doors on October 1, 2021. The organizing committee Lawig Diwa Inc. partnered with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the National Committee on Art Galleries (NCAG). They welcomed 300 artists from 35 galleries to showcase their talent and skills. They also sent a message of solidarity that despite our cruel past and uncertain future, we can still take something good and beautiful out of our experiences.


The increase in the number of artists featured (a hundred more from last year’s 200) solidifies the relevance and power of art in times of challenges and difficulties. Indeed, art is alive and will continue to live to tell our stories and inspire current and future generations.

Despite the restrictions brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, only limited visitors are allowed per day. Visitors will need to book an appointment to view the art fair.  However, as part of embracing the new normal, the art display continues to offer viewers a new platform to appreciate art. Viewers can visit their virtual exhibit on their site and Mindanao Art Facebook page. They will also feature eight Davao fashion designers for their virtual fashion show themed, Art Walk, Art Talk on October 10.

In its third year, Mindanao Art continues to be a beacon of hope to artists in times of uncertainty. Their continuous effort to showcase Mindanawon artists is indeed a triumph to the art industry. They continue to send a message of hope that art will continue to the stories of our past and whatever our future holds.



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