The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is pushing to give its traffic enforcers hazard pay.

MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim told around 300 traffic enforcers during their assembly that he will be writing a letter to President Rodrigo Duterte asking for the granting of their hazard pay, in recognition of their efforts in managing traffic along EDSA.

“I understand your plight in manning your posts and we have been pushing for the granting of your hazard pay considering the risks you encounter daily. We shall write a letter to the President to revive the granting of hazard pay. Let’s hope we be given the chance,” Lim told the traffic enforcers.

“We have been pushing for the granting of your hazard pay considering the risks you encounter daily.”

The MMDA chief made the statement as a recent study by the National Institute for Health-University of the Philippines showed that traffic enforcers on EDSA face health risks which include high blood pressure and respiratory problems due to exposure to black carbon and heavy metals.

According to the study, lead was also found in the enforcers’ blood which could signify systemic inflammation. Female traffic enforcers and non-smokers were found to be more susceptible to this.

The research was conducted on 158 MMDA traffic enforcers.

Lim assured that the MMDA leadership is exerting all its efforts to improve the welfare of traffic enforcers, citing that medical assistance and insurance support are provided to them.

“Do not lose hope. We have so many plans. Expect more good things to come our way and as front-liners, you are the first who would benefit. Just render excellent public service in the performance of your duties,” said Lim.

“Expect more good things to come our way.”

The MMDA in 2017 asked the House of Representatives to pass a law providing a P6,000 monthly hazard pay to its traffic enforcers.

MMDA traffic enforcers are earning a daily minimum wage of P537.


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